Monday, October 22, 2007

Satan in our thoughts

Yesterday in church we heard an interesting sermon. The subject was that Satan can not get to us directly because we are blessed. He (Satan) must go through someone or something else to get to us.

My husband & I talked about this later in the evening. But, my thoughts went to, does Satan put thoughts into your head. I often hear the lie from hell, that Satan those not know what you are thinking. He knows a lot more than people want to believe.

He knows enough about the plans God has for us to disrupted & destroy them. He knows enough about what we are thinking to try and cause confusion. And in less I'm praying in tongues, he knows my intimate talk with God.

To say that he does not know your thoughts is to believe his lies. I have been asleep & woken up to find a demon choking me. It was doing such a good job that I could not speak. But, in my head, I cried out to my God & took authority over this demon & it stopped. The power of the almighty shuck that demon loose & my words flew out into the spirit realm.

No Satan is not all knowing, but, you need to have some respect for the power that he does have. It is said that the biggest lie that Christians are falling for is that Satan does not exist. Not only are they falling for this, but, they also minimize his power. When we do this we are exposed to his deceptions.


Desert Cat said...

And then with that lie in place, people ask the question "why would a good God allow this?", referring to some tragedy.

"Umm...dear, there is this being we call the devil... You know, the prince of this present darkness? The Usurper? His days are numbered, but God in his mercy allows the tares to grow together with the wheat, lest the wheat be destroyed together with the tares before the harvest is full."

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ladynada said...

Do a search on "carnal mind" on my forum and/or blog to learn more about why there are satanic thoughts in every human being's mind.

Sunny Sky said...

I do not believe that satan can read your mind. I believe it's biblical that he can't. BUT, I agree we shouldn't underestimate him. Look, does he really have to read our minds to know what makes us tick? what bothers us? No, we talk about it, we cry, we get angry... Satan is a sly thing and there are plenty of other ways he can get his information about us.Obviously, it went away when you prayed in your head TO GOD. God is the boss, you pray to him and regardless whether the demon heard him or not, God can do what he wants.