Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I think I'm in their head

Ok, this is where folks start calling me a witch or psychic, but, I'm none of those things. I follow the word of God & believe that I am gifted with a minority of people. Actually, that is not true. I believe that everyone has the same abilities I do, they just need to learn to walk in it.

I had a strange request ask of me. A groom wanted someone to come to his wedding rehearsal and prophesy over his bride & himself. Never heard of such a thing but, found it a good idea. So, I went. It was fun and God had very uplifting words for them.

But, towards the end when I looked at the groom I saw, in a vision, body parts flying through the air. Children bleeding and could hear explosions. I asked him if he was in the military, he was, a Calvary scout. I asked if he'd been to Iraq, he had, two times. I told him he had seen horrific things, multiple times, he agreed. But, I did not have a word from God on this matter.

I waited for a short moment and heard nothing. Didn't even get an impression. I told him that he'd be able to use these events to help others in their walk with God & to show them how to get through emotionally with God.

I realized later that I did not hear from God because these pictures and sounds were not from God, I had gotten into his head. It has happened before, but, I did not realized it. So, ok, I can get into peoples head to know their thoughts and memories. When I write this, I can only see it as another gift from God. Even though I did not hear God's voice when I saw those pictures from inside his head, God had to of given me those pictures.

A lot of the time when we look at the gifts from God. We look at them with shallow eyes. What is prophecy without going into the depths of God Himself. Without an intimate relationship with Him prophesy is not possible. What are the compartments of prophesy. Is it just hearing or sensing what God is telling you or is it much more. Quit putting God in a box. Open your eyes to the fact that God is endless and His gifts are endless. If I have the gift of discerning of spirits, how can I discern if I can not see, sense, know what is happening in the spirit realm. It is not a guess as to what spirit it is, it is by knowledge of that realm. So if I can see into the spirit realm and have a deep relationship with God does it not then conclude that God is giving one access to more gifts. Taking you into a deeper understanding of gifts.

If we were to allow God to flow the way he wants, if we accepted supernatural events from God, if we did not question those who are gifted in ways that we do not understand then we may see the miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit.

I am not saying except everything that you see without question. I am saying that God moves in mysterious ways, we need to quit putting Him in a box. Let Him out & see what He is up to. It may just set you free in enjoy the extravagance of God.


Desert Cat said...

If people would think about it, everytime they know who is calling the moment the phone rings, they'd realize that they are exercising the very same senses.

The trick is discerning what is God from what is other input.

CresceNet said...
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Lee said...

Here's the question I've always had about such things: how do you know when it's God's voice and when it's just "getting into someone's head"? I don't claim to know the answer myself, because I have only had very brief personal experiences with this sort of thing, so I'm curious about what you think.

Given55 said...

At times it is difficult. But, I have learned to go slow. I ask myself, is this from God. I do, however, get on a role sometimes & don't slow down. Most of the time I know, because I hear His voice often. But, whenever I "get into their head" it usually is something that is needed to be addressed - so, in a sense it is from god.