Friday, October 19, 2007

Stand Firm aginst those Demons

Today I was asked to go to a house & cleanse it of oppressive spirits. I get asked to do this a lot. People sense that there is something wrong in their homes. But, don't know what to do or feel like they don't have the ability to take care of it themselves.

This past summer I was called to a house where everyone in the house had been sick for a year. One was even on oxygen. When I went into the living room I didn't sense anything. They told me that when the mother & father go into the garage they always end up in a fight. So, I went to the garage.

When I opened the door, there sitting in the corner on top of this huge stack of boxes was a demon. It looked like he was guarding the boxes. It was a two car garage with one half stacked nearly to the ceiling with boxes.

I went on in with the mom and an intercessor in tow. While I walked towards the demon I caught a whiff of a horrible stench. It was powerful enough that it stopped me in my tracks. I asked what was in that spot. The mother said that a friend had moved to Florida & she was storing her boxes for her. The boxes had been there for a year.

I asked her, what was in the area where the stench was? She said books. But, when she looked down at the books she said. "the witch's bible." Sure enough, sticking out like a sore thumb was a book labeled "The Witch's Bible". "Is this person a witch" I asked. "Well, she dabbles, but, she does not do any spells."

Now, these people are Christian. How could they not know that this was not good. The mother told me that her friend had told her that she would not store any of her witch "stuff" in the garage. Well, that was a lie. When we started looking the place was packed with the "stuff". Then I find a note book. In the note book , hand written, was her friends personal spells. Apparently, she was looking for a man. A specific man. A man she knew. She had all kinds of spells she had said to try & get this man into her life. It didn't work he still wasn't with her.

They start to empty the garage. Before, I started to pray against the presence of this evil. God told me there was jewelry in the house that was used for evil. So I asked & sure enough in the bedroom where the person on oxygen slept was a jewelry box full of satanic medallions. They got rid of that as well.

I prayed over the house & the people living there. Sending that demon to the arid places to dry up and die. God blessed the house. It is clean and the people are now well.

I am amazed that people can sense the presence of evil, but, don't move against it. Why suffer for so long. We Christians need to grow in our faith & believe in the power of the Almighty living God. That through Him we can move mountains. I see so many believe parts of the Word of God, but, fall short of the promises. They don't need me to do this work. They only need to believe that God can & will do anything.

God has told me that that huge part of our brain that we do not use is a conduit to Him. That if we would tap into it, we would soar spiritually. When God told me this, I responded rather badly, not wanting anymore than I already had. I felt like I saw, felt & smelled enough already. It is an ongoing argument with myself & God. But, the point is, God wants us to walk into the spirit realm. He offers it to us in the gifts of the Spirit. I pray that all Christians would become more open & sensitive to the realm of the Holy God.


blue_clc said...

Let me start with THANK YOU and you are very right ........ The first question or statement was does this thing follow you or what and yeah ..I think that statement could be correct cause through our converstation .. I have been searching for some answers but it was after reading your blog it became real clear ... And the crazy thing is you have told me this situation before and now god is useing it to teach me more cause alot took place that day and there is some clarity ... YOU know god works on things even when you are not totally willing and it makes us humble and greatful that one has our backs in a matter of speaking that no matter we have a purpose and he loves us soo much no matter I LOVE GOD CAUSE HE LOVES ME..... thank for being a freind even when you say you cant help and i can do it myself and talk to god myself it has deepened the relionship even more ... but now i know at a different level not the fire and cheerleader like love for good its changed and we have talked before about this and know its just knowing is all i can say right know well any ways love ya and talk to you later and keep up the great work

Sunny Sky said...

Wow, this post gave me the heebie geebies! I am a christian, and I am looking over my shoulder after reading that! Wow. Sadly, my Husband's brother married a former witch and she is paying for it, and so is the rest of the family. She cannot bear anymore children (she is only in her 20's) she has 2 children that have severe health problems, and one just got sent away to a juvenile phsyciatric place. Since marrying my brother in law, My husband's parents of several decades of marriage got a divorce, and we moved away so we would not be in all of the mess. What sin can do to your life, it doesn't just do it to yours, it affect everything around you.