Friday, October 26, 2007

"He died fighting for Me"

A few months back a friend of mines son was killed in Iraq. The pain in his parents faces tore at my heart. I did not know the boy, but, both parents have a firm foundation in the Word of God & held tight to that.

I tend to be socially inept in this world, so I stayed out of the way while the church & family tended to their needs. I did, however, go to the funeral.

It was huge. The pomp & circumstance of the military was awesome & the testimony of this boys friends was heart wrenching. In the funeral procession it appeared that time had stopped. Every street that we drove down was full of people paying their respects. People came out of stores, children out of their schools holding banners of thanks & the American flag. The fire department stood at attention as well as the police. It was so moving to see time stop for this young hero.

During the service, I was sitting, minding my own business, when God spoke to me. "He died fighting for me." My first thought, "That's not going to sound very politically correct for me to say." You see I realized right away what God was saying. This young man was fighting for Christianity. For our Christian way of life & the freedom to worship Him. He fought to stopped the radical Islamic extremist from pushing their beliefs on to us.

After the funeral I did not tell anyone this word. I was not sure what it was for. A few weeks later I find out that this boy had been saved as a child but, in his teens had turned from God. Now, I nor his mother, believe that once saved always saved is right. His mother was in torment. She did not know whether he had come back to God in those last days. It appears that he was looking again towards God, but, no one knew where he was at that moment in time of his death.

I still kept quiet. Waiting for God. His mother called and asked if she could come over for prayer. She wanted peace from her torment. Her heart was broken. I mean, this woman was destroyed.

When we sat down I told her what God had said. Her eyes got huge, she sucked in air till her lungs were full & then stared at me. It was a long moment before she spoke. Does that mean he is with God. Terribly difficult question for me. I could only tell her my impressions. My impression from God was that "Yes", this boy was being honored in heaven.

She then told me about a vision she had a week after his death. In the vision she saw her son blow up. He had been in a Humvee & had seen the road side bomb just before it killed him. There were 4 boys in the Humvee 3 were killed. The 4th boy told her that when, her son, saw the bomb he had cried out to God. In her vision she saw the moment of impact & his spirit fly straight up.

I was blessed & so thankful to God. I had recently asked God two questions. One was, when we pass, if we linger before death, do you take our spirit before the body dies. He answered that when I saw the spirit of man leave before death. (read post: spirit of man.) The other question was, if we are in an accident & it is our time, do you take the spirit before impact. He just answered my question through this mother.

I told her what I had been seeking & that through her sons death I had gotten an answer. Gods answer for my question was given in such away & time that I could tell this mother that her son was with God.

I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that everything has a purpose under heaven. That if you let the Lord use you, you will find the miracles of his hand at work. Nothing should go unnoticed. Everything is to His glory. I was minding my own business at that funeral. Never would I have thought that a full circle of questions would be answered by one statement from God. Expect the supernatural.


Emmyrose said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm delighted to know someone who had conquered Lupus by the grace of God. My doctor kept telling me that I'll be suffering from Lupus all my life but I have faith in God that He will heal me in His own time.

God bless you.

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Given55 said...

Absolutely link me up. Ok if I do the same with your blog?