Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In 2001 I was diagnosed with Lupus. It was quite frightening. I'd only been a Christian a few years & was having some difficulty understanding. I had begun to walk in the Healing ministry & had seen God heal a few people by using me, but, here I was ill.

Lupus is a strange Illness. Your body attacks itself. It will attacked & kill any organ it wants. I did my research & realized I was in trouble. "Lean upon the Lord". That is all I had. There is no cure for Lupus & it is a try & see with maintaining your health.

A few months after I was diagnosed I got water on my heart. This caused the Doctors to put me on steroids. Now, the Lupus had already messed up my thyroid so I had gained weight, but, with the steroids I gained 150 pounds. I had always been thin, sometime to thin - this was difficult for me. Not, difficult in the esteem department, difficult for me to carry around. So, I end up on a cane.

God told me one night that I would be sick for two years. This was good news - not knowing if he meant I'd be dead or healed- either way it was good news. But, I forgot this word from God in the mist of the pain, test & weariness.

I ended up taking 30 pills a day. After the diagnosis of Lupus, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, asthma, irritable bowel, acid reflects, skin writing syndrome, arthritis, - there's more but, can't remember. It left me with brain damage & autoimmune of the inner ear. I was so terribly sick.

In all of this God continued to use me. I my counseling practice people continued to be healed through the laying on of hands, inner healings, deliverance, & prayer. Their faith that God still worked through me says a lot about God's grace. Those people & my church prayed for me daily. My pastor layed hands on me every Sunday. It was a long hard two years.

My doctor was at a loss. He is a good Christian man. He told my husband & I that he had never seen someone get so sick so fast. We would go to see him & get bad news but, my husband & myself would not take it to heart. I would never claimed the illness. If asked what was wrong with me, I would say that I'd been diagnosed with Lupus. Never took it to be mine. If my thoughts went to the negative I would, "Catch every thought to the obedience of God" & throw that thought out. I'd replace it with praise to the Almighty Living God. You can't have a bad thought when you are in praise of the Lord.

Finally, the Doctor said, we only have one more thing we can do for you. That is chemotherapy.
Oh, I did not want that. My body was so torn up, run down, beat up - I didn't think I could take much more.

Tight after this, without my knowledge, 8 friends- including my husband- went on a forty day fast & prayer for me. I kept trying to get my husband to eat. I had no idea what they were doing. On the second week I, praise be to God, came out of the Lupus. Healed, I was Healed.

God in His great mercy Healed me. The doctor said it is a miracle. He had never seen such a come back. But, he would not say I was healed nor in remission. Just that he was amazed. The witness it gave to the church & others was huge. There was no other explanation except supernatural healing from the Living God.

It was 2 years that I was sick. Just like God had said. 2 years. Now, 2 years after that, I get a medical report from my doctor. He had taken blood work & found the the Lupus markers in my body are suppressed. No Lupus. He now believes I am a walking miracle.

I am a walking miracle. I speak of this often & if Satan tries to make me disbelieve I say "I'm not falling for that. I am Healed". "No weapon formed against me will prosper." I believe that if we keep our eyes on God, that if we hold on to, that we are "wonderfully & perfectly made", that if we have faith that God can & will do anything, that God is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow, that you will see the hand of God move.

Faith is everything. Build your faith. Hold firm to the promises of God. I do, I will, I can.


Brother Marty said...

Given 55,
I stumbled upon this blog entry and am so encouraged to read of this. I collect accounts such as these and am so lifted up by them.
Praise God for your miracle. This testimony will serve others in their seeking a closer relationship with our risen savior, Jesus Christ.
Again, thank you.

Anita said...

Thank you for sharing this... God is so good, and I love stories that remind me of that...