Friday, March 14, 2008


Praise God!!!!

Yesterday, I went to another funeral. This time it was for a 21 year old man whom killed himself.

This was a free thinking young man. He was still searching for who he was to be when he took his own life. The funeral was packed. No place for many to sit. I watched as the youth filed in, with tears and dazed looks.

All of the young, that were his friends, came in together. Hair colored in an array of different hues. Their clothes making the statement, "I don't want to be like you." But, little do they know, they are like us. The thing, though, that is missing, is the living God.

This young man had been raised in the church and had no doubt that there was a God. He had in the last several years, though, begun to look for a different way of understanding God. So, I watched as three different preachers walked to the podium and spoke. The first, was a rather liberal Christian, no offense could ever be taken with what he was saying. The second, spoke truth, and offered salvation to those who listened. The third, was from a church called, "New Thought". He, spoke of a universe defined by oneness. This last church, was were this deceased young man had attending for the last few years.
God spoke to me throughout the funeral. He told me, "It is a crime, to take ones life." I thought on this a bit and realized that He was speaking of spiritual laws. That a spiritual law had been broken. But, then He said something remarkable, "but, the price has been paid." He left me with that one. I am not sure if He is talking of the price that Jesus paid or if another fine that we do not understand had been paid. We can all come under the understanding the suicide is wrong, but within the confines of the mind and that moment of weakness of that mind, God shows much mercy.

But, God showed me what happened to that young man. He showed me a crack in his spirit. The man had been born again, spirit filled, but then began to listen to the voice of the new age. A crack began to form. Being filled with light, his spirit began to crack and allow in darkness.

It started as a small crack, but then grew. The more it grew, the darker his spirit became. This darkness allowed demonic influences to infiltrate his spirit and he began a downward spiral. u25052454

We, Christians, speak of the light coming into the darkness. Illuminating the darkness. Bringing clarity into our lives. Exposing the darkness. This was in reverse. He knew the Lord, He had been filled with the Lord and yet, his flesh saw the world and wanted another way. This way let to his death. Death of spirit and death of life.

God told me, as I sat among the mourners, "Do not feed the crack". We need to be ever watchful of the health of our spirit. Searching ourselves daily for the beginning of a crack. Filling ourselves with the word of God. The sword of truth and knowledge. This is a war and keeping our eyes on God, we are assured of victory.


Sidharth said...

Is there anything the Word of God speaks of suicide and as is commonly believed that suicide is catapult to an eternity without God?

I am very careful with the prophecies, dreams, visions and other revelations that I receive outside the Word. I take it to the Word and if there is a slight disagreement with sound doctrine, I discard it. Down through the years this has been my safety.


Given55 said...

I have never found anything in the Word in reference to suicide being a mortal sin.

That is why the word of "but the price has been paid" is lost to me.

I understand that there are spiritual laws that I am not completely privy to,so I wait for revelation from God on that one.

Always, look to the word on revelation, but do not confine God to the Word.

Jan said...

given..I've never commented here, but this time I wanted to.

I have heard of several suicides, and even of some ministers who prefer not to speak at the funerals of those who have committed suicide, so I wondered about it.

But after praying about it, I have come to this conclusion:

No man knows the heart of another. Only God knows a person's heart. And who knows what the very last thought of that person might have been, or the last words uttered?

Perhaps, it was a fleeting thought of remorse, or the last words a plea for forgiveness.

Knowing that we serve a God of mercy, whose ways and thoughts are so much higher than ours, would it be a stretch to believe that the person was forgiven at the last second?

Of course, this is my personal thought on it, but I know that it could be such a source of comfort for those left behind, with doubt in their minds as to whether their friend or loved one is lost forever.

God bless you..I hope that you are feeling better.

I know that God is able to help you through your pain, or to heal you. :)

Given55 said...


I must agree with you. If God does not hold illness against a person's entry into heaven, than I would have doubt that He would hold suicide either.

For a person to be able to take their own life only comes from a severe depression, delusion, psychosis or perhaps a demonic attack.

All, bringing, some, to the brake down of the mind and ability to make healthy decisions.

I wrote a post on January 22nd called "suicide" where I suggest these ideas. You may like to read it.

I appreciate you reading and commenting on my blog. Hope to hear from you again.

God Bless