Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Legal Right

This past weekend, I was asked to meet with a man that has been suffering for many years with alcoholism and reportedly demons. His alcoholism is so bad, that he has had the highest documented level of alcohol in his system, in the state of Kansas. When this was recorded he was still awake and driving.

He suffers from no ill affect from the alcohol. No liver, brain, stomach nor any other side affect. He does, however, suffer from the loss of work and relationships. With the emotional toll being the worse.

I sat with him this weekend and talked for a couple of hours. He stated he was drunk, but I sure could not tell. I believe that he has to have a certain amount of alcohol in his system to be able to function at a level of normalcy. Where for the majority of people, well... we would be past out. He had a tendency to just blurt out sentences that were completely off the subject. So our conversation was convoluted, to say the least.

Because of my back ground in working with the severely mentally ill, I immediately felt that he was suffering from schizoid affective disorder. He could have been self medicating all this time. But, that was my look at him in the natural. It does not mean he does not have a demon.

As we talked, he would manifest different personalities or characteristics. His brown eyes would turn black and shoot evil looks at me. But, then the next minute, his eyes would become soft and even though he was sitting upright in a chair, he would pull up towards a fetal position and act like a child.

His dreams are horrible. Demonic in character. He is a tormented soul. I felt God's sorrow for him. But, what to do. It was not the time to address deliverance. He needs to be sober and willing. Those things, and there are many, inside of him kept trying to get him to leave. There were a few times when he got up and put on his coat to leave. But, his ride would not take him out the door, so he would sit back down for a while, but it would happen again within minutes. Again, he needs to be willing.

There is quit the fight going on inside of him. Now, he has been sober since Sunday. I wanted him to go into the hospital to withdraw, but he stayed home with a friend. He told this friend that his withdraws are not as bad as usual. "That lady, (meaning me) must have got rid of some of my demons." is what he thinks. I believe it is God saving him from himself.

My point in telling you, my dear reader, all this is to share that this man's main demon, I believe, came to him disguised as God. At 13 years of age, he had become very frightened. He laid under his blankets afraid of the dark. He had just watched the "Exorcist" and was terrified. He called for help into the spirit realm. Not really knowing God, he just called. He explains that a great peace came to him and he finally slept. He remained in this peace for a few days and then became a ‘very bad child” and even started to drink at 13.

I know, in my spirit, that it was not God that came to him that night. There lies the challenge. The boy gave a legal right to this demon to be in his life. Now, to get him to understand what he did and that it was not God.
I am waiting for him to get through his withdrawals and then we will meet again. This is his time of deliverance. A great battle for his spirit is about to take place. God is already the champion .....deliverance is at hand.