Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Blogger, My Brother

My brother, Only in His Service, came to visit last week. It was a great relief to me because I got a bit of a rest from taking sole care of our mother. He was there when we put her into the nursing home. That helped me a lot.

Spiritually speaking, it was an interesting visit. He has known God a lot longer than I, but has strayed away a few times. He has, now, come back to God full force and with an emotional vigor that is wonderful.

The interesting thing, though, is the different levels that we are on and yet the commonality that exists.

He will read this, "Hi Bro", but I am going to be completely honest. He knows the Word, perhaps better than I, but has not experienced the Word. He hears God and that is growing. God is calling him to a greater place but, he has not found that place as of yet. God is molding him a new heart and the pain is obvious. His walk will, at times, be painful and he will have to hold on tied to the promises of God. He is with people, but is lonely.

While he was here, he got to meet several of my friends and found he was missing a depth to God that he had not experienced. He longs for that and is seeking it. But, he will be alone in that search. God, is pulling him closer, but he has no one to disciple him to that end. This is not always a negative thing. I did not have that someone for a while, but I could not have gone as deep as I have without a mature supernatural person guiding me into what God had for me.
God is breaking his heart. Tearing him from the things that he has relied on to feel grounded. He found here, at my home, Christian love. He shared with me yesterday, that he had felt "loved" on his visit. I love him as my brother and my friends loved him as a brother. This has been lacking in his life and God is bringing him to see that he needs this in his life and that He, God, wants that in his life.

He was prophesied over while he was here and God spoke loud and clear to him. God is developing in him a new thing. A new walk into the supernatural. One of the ways God spoke to him, while he was here, was in a dream. He shared that dream with myself and another. We shared our interpretation on that dream, but God has revealed to me, that both interpretations were wrong. Or perhaps, it is just that it had more than one meaning.

God has shown me that his dream is showing him that he is walking in a dead place. A place of destruction. It is all around him. His place, were he is suppose to be, is just over the horizon. He can do good works, where he is at, but, the better place is on the other side of that dead zone. That is the place where he will walk into the fullness of God.
Our visit was certainly ordained by God. I saw God pull out of tragedy, many wonderful things. This would include watching my brother begin to change his walk with God, right before my eyes. We have the same DNA. We can and will walk down the same supernatural path. What I want for my brother is the same thing that God wants for my brother "Freedom".

He is new to blogging, just started. If you have the time stop by his site and say "Hi". Make him feel at home in blogdom.


jim said...

Thanks Sis. Love you