Monday, March 24, 2008


Being in total obedience to God can land you in very strange places. Following His lead, call or path is exciting and sometimes bewildering.

I am reminded of the verse: Genesis 32:24

And Jacob was left alone, and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

I was at a retreat for women breaking their soul and spirit ties. I had been praying for a very long time., working with a team of two other women. It had been a wonderful supernatural experience.

A women came in for prayer. I had never met her before and was looking forward to finding out what God had for her. She was not a very big women and was soft spoken.

We sat facing each other in prayer. When we had said, "Amen", she leaned forward and said to me "I have a spirit in me." She then grabbed me and pulled me to the floor. We started rolling back and forth on the floor. We rolled over the tops of each other over and over again. Stopping facing each other in a bear hug.

I did not feel that I was in danger, so I just went with the flow. When we stopped, I commanded the spirit to leave her in the name of Jesus. She began to shake in my arms and growl a bit. We laid there for a short while and then she said, "I have a spirit of ....." Then we would roll again and I would command the spirit out.

This went on for quit a while. We must have been a sight. I was ill at the time and on steroids. I had ballooned up to 300 pounds, so I must have looked like I was engulfing her with my body. But, none the less, we kept rolling and rolling and rolling.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the other two team members. They were across the room, frantically looking through the Bible. They are looking through the Bible and I am rolling around the floor with this woman I had just met. Every once in a while, this women would gag and my mind would freak out believing I was about to have vomit in my ear. But, God spared me that and in my thoughts I was ready to take it to see this woman free.

We rolled for, what seemed like forever. Finally, we both sat up. Sitting side by side and panting from exhuastion, the other women come over to us, "we have verses for you." Both myself and the woman look at them and crack up laughing.

I realize they did not know what to do in this strange situation, but it was so funny that after it was done, they came over with the verses. God wanted them to stay away from the exorsim for a time. It was meant for just myself and this woman. She said things in my ear that others should not have had previlge to, so it became just her and I.
She wrestled till it was done. She believed in the mercy of God and came specifically for deliverance and she got it. She came expecting. The two of us, obedient to God, found healing in following the leading of God. Strange as it was, it was God.

Why do we not obey the leading of God? That is easy. It may look silly. This one certainly did. But, the results of obedience are incredible. God has a reason for everything and if He is calling you to do something, your response should always be "Yes". I certainly have not always been a "yes" person. I have a tendency, at times, to argue the point with God. But, He always wins out. But, of course, He is God.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I think a lot of people disobey God and they don't realize that they are doing so. This is one thing I don't like about followers of the letter of the Bible. It smacks of legalism. Obedience to God is when we don't make idols of anything else--be it our intellect, our jobs, you name it. It also means submission. It is a very difficult thing to do because it means we do walk with God as Enoch did and Enoch had no Bible, but God's spirit. This is how I understand obedience and I admit that I am trying to get to that state.

Given55 said...

You are so right. Walking in obedience is surrender. Only doing what you see the Father doing. It is difficult, but so rewarding. Like you I strive to be as Enoch.

jim said...

It is hard for alot of people to understand that God still talks to us today. He said in Hebrews "Jesus the same yesterday, today and tomorrow". To me that means He will still talk to use today as He did to the Prophets. I am looking forward to you next posting.

Given55 said...

Thank you Jim,

You are a blessing.