Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Team Meeting


I'm excited!!! Can you tell?

I met with the team this week. What I seem to be doing, apparently through no effort of my own, is introducing them to each other one by one, So, this week, I brought another one to the meeting.

This one is very timid and quiet. Still in the, doubting whether she is hearing from God stage. I have been encouraging her. Only because God has assured me that she is hearing and is to be on the team.

Now, sitting together. talking were, Carmen, Belinda and Roseanna. Carmen is a prophetess, who has just come back from an addiction. Belinda, has clear visions and gets words of knowledge and Rosanna hears clearly from God. She is the timid one.

We sat at my table and talked about God and all shared about our giftings. Roseanne was having a difficult time. I would have to ask her a question to get her involved and then when she would answer, she would keep her head low or stare at her baby that was in her arms.

At one point, Carmen was sharing about problems she has been having when suddenly she gasp in the middle of a sentence and tears filled her eyes. The room changed and you could feel that God had made His presence know. Carmen said, "God just fell on me."

I asked her what was going on, because I heard nothing. I only could feel His presence. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Belinda reached over and took the baby from Roseanne's arms. So, I turned to Belinda and Roseanna and asked if they had anything to share.
That's when little, timid Roseanna raised her head and was obedient to the Lord. She said, "God is shouting that the time is now. Quit it." Again, she said "quit it". She went on. "God is really shouting. He is very loud. Shouting. He wants you to Quit it. It makes me want to shout."

The thing was, she was getting louder and did not realize it. Her voices was no longer timid. With every sentence is seemed to get a bit louder. She was making eye contact and was walking with God.

Carmen's was blessed. The words entered her heart and she knew what God was talking about. She told me later, that she wanted to weep, but that weeping was part of the "quit it" thing. That she had been feeling so sorry for herself that crying had become an everyday thing.

As soon as it was over, Roseanne went back into her timid self. Asking, "was that alright." When assured, she began to advise Carmen on what she had also, heard from God. But, had her head down and was uncomfortable.

Belinda, told me that she had taken the baby from Roseanne because she knew, from God, that this was Roseanne's time to minister. I, on the other hand, the fearless leader, heard and knew nothing, I only knew that we were being visited by God.

That would be because this group of women need to know, be assured, that they are hearing from God more than I do. I walk in confidence that I hear His voice and recognize Him.

It was awesome to watch God rise up in little, timid Roseanne and work out a problem for Carmen. It broke a strong hold in Carmen and she has been floating with God for the last couple of days. Feeling His presence and worshipping Him with her entire being.

So, at this meeting, God not only used these women to minister to each other, He ministered to them individually. Giving them reassurance that they are hearing from Him. Which brings confidence and obedience to His voice. I love watching God in action. It is much better to see Him while He is working than to have to wait for the final product of His work.

Next week, I will bring another on board. She too, is timid. It is fun to watch those timid ones, rise up like lions and then fold back up to lambs.

I have asked another women to come on board. She is prophetic, but that is not my reason for asking her to come on board. We, all of us that will be on this team, need a...well....mother. Someone that will keep us in line. Will keep us accountable and focused. Even though, I am the oldest, I can be rather juvenile. I see the world as a big playground and I tend to want to just have fun. Fun.... whenever I can and this playfulness seems to really kick in when the team is together. I am not the only one amongst the team who is this way. So, we need a mother and I have asked Angela to be our mother.Photobucket

We are growing and having fun. God is moving and growing us up. Soon, we will be ministering to the church and God's glory will shine.


Anonymous said...

I wish that *I* was on your team...well, I AM on your prayer team anyways :)

Given55 said...

That would be wonderful. But, I do need those prayer warriors. I am grateful for your prayers.

God bless