Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have said before, that when God wants a job done, He will get a job done.

A few months back, God had told me to give my pastor the post I wrote called "Peculiar". It is not a real impressive post, but He wanted me to give it to him. I spoke to my pastor about this Godly request and I think because of the inquisitive look on his face and my reluctance to step out anymore, I never did give it to him.

This Sunday, at church, while worshiping, I was taken into a vision. I could have missed, it if I had not paid attention. When I first noticed what was happening, it looked like I was seeing a cocoon. I wondered at why I was seeing a cocoon, but then I decided I was looking at a horn-of -plenty. Now, I am wondering why I am seeing a horn-of-plenty.

The picture became broader and I could see more. The shape of what I was seeing became clearer. It did have the shape of a horn-of-plenty, but was huge and in the heavenlies. It was an opening to the Spirit of God. As if to say the Spirit of God is a place to enter. The opening of this place was large, huge and round. All around were massive swirls of clouds, stationary in time.

On the very top of the opening sat my church. I could see the building and the people going to and fro from the church. The church looked very small compared to the rest of the vision. I suddenly saw a hand come out of the opening and grab at the air and then disappear back into the opening. The hand looked like it was made up of the same swirling clouds as the rest of the vision. It came out again and this time grabbed at the bottom of the opening.

Then I heard God's voice. "Because the church has put themselves above Me, with their pride and arrogance, I can not reach them to bring the to the full consumption of the Holy Spirit".
The vision then stopped. I had been standing worshipping. I sat down and wrote out the vision. Now, what to do. But, before I could think any further, I was standing in front of my pastor with my description of the vision in hand. I told him what I had seen and he kept shaking his head "yes'. Then he smile and said, "that is what I'm preaching on today."

I was relived. A good confirmation to begin breaking my hesitancy over such things. I went back to my seat. The sermon was wonderful. I was very engaged in what was being said. There came a point, however, when pastor said something that took me into deep thought. While there in my thoughts, I heard pastor say, "someone brought to my attention a vision that they had this morning." He began to read the vision.

Then he said, "I know what this means." This took me by surprise because I thought it was pretty obvious what it meant. But, when he spoke remarkable things began to happen in the spirit realm.

First let me tell you what he said. He related to the congregation their pride kept them from walking into the Spirit of God because they were afraid that they might look silly. They were afraid that God may have them act in a way that others would find odd and for this they were not willing.

There it was "Peculiar". I had not gave pastor the post on "Peculiar" but, God had got the work done anyway. Awesome.

When pastor said these things, the air in the room became think. A silence fell in the spirit realm that I had never experienced before. It was as if the heavenlies were saying, "Quiet, God is speaking." Absolute stillness fell and I could see God's Spirit fall on to my pastor while he spoke.

A women, in back of me, began to weep uncontrollably and people started to make their way to the altar. I did not see or hear anymore because I made my way back to the woman that was crying and ministered to her.

It was incredible. The movement of God was strong and so moving. But, I still see those who miss the mark. It leaves me bewildered how God can come into a room and some not notice. What a loss.

I can only thank God for what He did Sunday. To watch Him move in His glory, and to free a people from their earthly restraints was wonderful. I was and am blessed.