Thursday, March 20, 2008

How We Battle

Walking into the enemies camp unprepared can feel fine. One can so easily be blinded by Satan even if you are a Christian. Being prepared in season and out is harder than one thinks.
It would seem, that no matter how strong you may think you are, or how prepared you may think you are, there he, (Satan) sits. He is always at the ready, always waiting to trip you up, always trying to steal your soul.

The last few days, I know, that I have jumped in and out of my flesh. Feeling helpless at times, having thoughts of harming another, and not, at the very moment I should have, turning to God and shouting "HELP".

My peace, at times, disappeared and I fought on the level that my earthly enemy understood. Bringing myself down to their level of the natural, I fought in their arena. Knowing what meant most to them, I attacked the most precious thing to them and did not think to ask God which way to go, I just reacted and fought back in the flesh.
When I am in hospitals, because I see into the spirit realm, I see many supernatural entities, I have not seen one thing. I see and feel good and evil. But, have left my spiritual eyes behind. I have, very seldom, look to God for answers. Mostly, I have looked to that inner strength that God placed in me. It an inner strength that brought me to Him and keeps me with Him.

But, on this occasion, I used the inner strength to topple a self induced mighty power.

So, in my battle how wrong was I? Am I totally out of line in the way I handle the situation? Did David, while in battle, continually have in his mind, the love of the Lord?

My strength comes from the Lord. This I know to be true. My gifts come from the Lord. My life comes from the Lord and that life is His to mold. So, what have I learned.
God prepares you for battle. You never walk in blindly and it may feel like you are walking in the flesh, but, every step is guided and marked by God, because you are His chosen. He knew before hand the path He had laid out before you and knew the battle ahead. He knew the strength that He had put in you to topple Goliath and knew the victory that would be won. Never once, in the battle are you out of the hand of God.

There is no way, we can come up against such enormous institutions (Goliaths) like I just did, and expect victory without God. His hand marked every step I took. He wanted this to be done and it is done. His is the victory.

In the heat of battle, my flesh, would at times rise up and my thoughts would always go to the same place. "I'm going to slap your face." Well, I do ask forgiveness for that and seek the Lord to not go there again. But, I think of the Lord and when He showed righteous anger and I understand that anger. I'm not justifying my thought, but do see validity in anger over oppression.

There have been changes at the hospital, put there by our God. And whether the doctor involved takes these spiritual lesson to heart or not she got the lesson put in her face. But, the hospital received the lessons and changes were put into place. Thank you God, that others will not have to face this same battle.

For the times that my flesh up, I am forgiven. God knows my weaknesses and expects them. Nothing is unknown to Him. He knows me and knows what I am capable of, so He used me to fight the good fight of justice. I am tired, but I am victorious through my Lord Jesus Christ.