Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Visualization and Prayer

I was reminded, last night, of the importance of visualization. So I want to share with you, dear reader, how I use to take people to a place where they would encounter God.

Let me set up a scene for you. I was asked to help out at a rally. This rally was disguised as a secular event. There were exhibits from famous skate boarders, bicyclists, strong men and other athletes. All were Christian. It was a three day rally held in our Coliseum and it was packed all three days.

After the show was done, many of the participants spoke of their faith. Then they called the audience to Christ. That is when my job kicked in. I was among hundreds who would be on the floor of the coliseum to witness and lead the people to Christ.

It was a bit overwhelming. In three days 5,000 received Christ. We brought them to Christ, then took them, in a group, to a back room There we got information from them, that was sent to their local church, who would contact them with follow-up.

So, here I am standing in the middle of all these hungry people. What to do? I spoke to God, "So many people. Give me the right words." What I ended up doing was taking each person I spoke to, through a visualization. First, I would ask them if they thought in pictures. If they did, I would have them close their eyes. Then ask them to picture the throne of God.

"Do you see God sitting on the throne?" I would ask. They always would say "yes". Then I would tell them to see themselves standing in front of the throne holding the hand of Christ. When this was done. The next step, was for them to see that underneath the throne of God, a great wave was coming towards them. I would tell them that this wave was the Holy Spirit. "Do not be afraid of the wave, you are holding the hand of Christ and He is with you always." "The wave of the Holy Spirit is coming towards you. Getting larger and you feel the peace of God." Then I would say that the wave has engulfed you and Jesus.

The response at this point was different with each individual, but also, similar. They were lost in the Spirit. Meeting God in a new and powerful way. Some would drop to the floor, some would sway and cry. Many grinned and laughed with joy. Other could not move nor speak.

It was wonderful. Every time I did this, I too, felt what the Spirit was doing. This visualization helped those who were meeting God for the first time, meet Him in a tangible way.

There are those who would say that visualization is wrong. But, if you are like me and can not help but visualize everything, then my whole life is wrong. Visualization is nothing more than meditation and meditation on God is a wonderful thing. It can bring you right into the throne room. If I meditate and visualize on God, my intimacy grows. God meets me there in that place of my spirit. I see Him and He meets me.

Father, I offer up a prayer, for a friend.

You know who he is and hold him dear. I thank you Lord, for him. He has served you and brought your Spirit to the temples of your people. How wonderful is his spirit.

You Father, hold his healing in Your hand. A power that is not only great but merciful.

I pray that, that healing power fall.....fall on my friend.....NOW.
I command any assignment that has been placed on him, by the evil one, to be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ. Those assignments are broken...NOW. And, I thank you God, for that.

Praise your Name, Oh Holy One. For you are merciful and all your promises are fulfilled.

I command healing to enter into the body of my friend. Nothing....I mean NOTHING!!! That is not of God, can remain in him. He is healed, in the name of Jesus. HEALED!!!!

I pray God's mercy over him, right now.

Thank you, God. More of you, Father. Pour yourself upon him, let your presence be known.

I pray healing into every ligament, tendons, muscle, bone, cell....NOTHING, is left undone. NOTHING!!!!

You, oh God, hold His healing in your hand and I thank you God that we can call upon you and know that You hear us and always answer our plea.
We call upon your promises of healing and walk into the fullness of that healing.

Praise be to the Living God. The Eternal One. The Alpha and the Omega. My Strong Tower.

So Be It.


Sidharth said...

I visualize the Presence of God too, but there are times when your spirit can't go along anymore with visualization and you are taken into a different realm of reality that goes beyond the realm of the mind.

Many of us have entered this realm, but we need to stay in this realm and move on from faith to faith.


Given55 said...

Walking with one foot in and one foot out of the spirit realm is what I have learned to do. Keeping a balance and my eyes on what my Father is doing is what I strive to do.

Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator, as well as those reading this message.(if this is not censored :-)
The time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. The harvest is ripe. Pass this message on to fellow believers.
There is 'love'and 'hate', then there is love.

The Faithful Witness

Given55 said...

I am confused. I read quit a bit of your site and I have one question ...well, one obvious question.

Are you saying that you are Christ?

DadCat said...

Thank you for your prayers. I am already feeling somewhat better.
Your Friend

Given55 said...

Love the name. My prayers continue. You have an incredible gift and God is not done with you yet. Praise be to the Living God.

Sidharth said...

There is only one walk, given55, and that is the walk of faith and the walk in the spirit.

God is calling us to go the place where we will call things that are not as though they were.

given55, faith is far from mental visualization. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. We are seated in the heavenlies with Christ, we are of another dimension.

The mind cannot conceive the Presence and the love of the Lord, only the spirit can. However, this does not mean that the mind is ineffective....the revelation that the Spirit pours out into our spirit is communicated to us through our minds to us.


Given55 said...


I appreciate your comments on my blog. I pray that they continue. But, I think I have not explained myself well.

I rarely visualize. This post was about how, I have taken people to have an encounter with God. My one foot in both worlds is in reference to the fact that I see into the spirit realm and do know God intimately.

The object of this blog is to share what God has given me in dreams, visions and words but to also try to take people deeper into the presence of God.

It is difficult to explain myself. I want to suggest you read some of my earlier posts, but can not figure out which one to suggest. Perhaps, Spirit of Man. This may show you who I am.

I am the chief of sinners and hold tight to the Word of God. I have prayed many times Jer.33:3. The Father has answered that prayer for me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sidharth said...

=) You have an awesome ministry, given55.

Love you