Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spirit to spirit communication

God has been talking to me about our spirits. I can't share right now what He is saying because I'm not quite clear on it. It is quite complicated. But, everyday I pray about what He would have me tell you the reader & today He does want me to tell about my experience speaking spirit to spirit.

I had been on a retreat. I had started a fast the day before. At the retreat I went into a 24 hour intense prayer time. There were a lot of women there who were on a bondage breaking weekend. So, they would come to me when they were ready to have their soul & spirit ties broken. I sat in a room alone till they were ready. This was a wonderful time with God. I was so deep in pray that I could see with incredible clarity into the spirit realm.

Late into my 24 hours a woman was brought into see me. I was aware of her presence, but, felt very set apart from reality. I started to pray for her & became lost in my prayer. I could hear myself speaking in a tongue that seemed, well, not of this world. I could also, hear her praying, but, was so lost in the course of what was happening that I really didn't notice what was happening. Then the woman said "What are we doing?"

She kind of startled me back to this world. I looked at her for a minute, trying to get my bearings. Then I realized what had been happening. My spirit had been talking to her spirit. This was new to me. Didn't know this kind of thing every happened. It happened a few more times that day. With one woman we were clearly speaking German. I don't know German.

It has become easier for me to communicate with someones spirit. I'm no longer surprised by it. But, what is it for? Why do it? What is the benefit?

Clearly, God has reasons for this to occur. What I have found is that there is a sense of comfort in the receiver of this communication. They feel relief and peace. I, on the other hand, don't feel any of this release. I do, however, feel gratitude to God for bringing this person such release.

It is rare for me to get the feel goods, that I see others get. I have felt the power of God & have been forced down to my knees under that power. But, that glow that I see others get or that sense of well being - never happens.

God is bringing me revelation about the spirit that lives within us. I'm not talking about the Spirit of God. I'm talking about our spirit. I do know that He is showing me something different than what is the excepted by the majority.

Let me pose a question. If your spirit can communicate with my spirit outside of your fleshes participation, does that make the spirit separate from the flesh?


Desert Cat said...

I would say "not necessarily". What most people think of as their "self", that is their waking awareness is only a small part of the totality of their being.

We dream without being consciously engaged in the process, though we sometimes remember. Our subconscious is quite busy below the surface. The myriad complexities of our bodies function quite well without our need to consciously direct what is going on at all times. So it shouldn't be surprising that our spirit works outside of our conscious mind being directly engaged all of the time.**

Now that doesn't say whether or not we're composed of a bunch of discrete components that are somehow associated together as one "person", but I tend to doubt it. I tend to believe body soul and spirit are integrated, though capable of independent action. Else why did God raise Jesus physically from the dead and why would God be concerned about resurrecting our bodies at the end of the age? Surely we can enjoy his presence without them? Yet we would not be complete.

**in fact, I think God gave us the gift of tongues for this very reason--because sometimes our conscious mind interferes with what God's Spirit and our spirit needs to accomplish. What better way to cut it out of the loop than to speak in a language unknown to it?