Thursday, February 7, 2008

Angels Among Us

Hebrews 13:2
Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

I have not been graced with seeing angels. Once, I said to God, "I see so many demons. May I see an angel." He blessed me, with the room filling with such bright light that I had to close my eyes and still I had to put my hand over my eyes to dampen the affect.

I have talked to people who see angels. They describe such beauty and light. For myself, this is just not to be. Or, is it?

I have had two experiences that were angelic, but not like described above.

Yesterday, I wrote about the protest at my old church. There was, as you can imagine, a lot of chaos going on. Church was going on inside and outside there were a few of the church members witnessing. A young man came up and started talking to my husband and I. He was about 28 years of age, nice looking, clean cut and calm.

So, very peaceful this young man. His name was Jacob. We knew that he did not go to our church, so we asked him if he was with the protesters. He said "No, I belong to the family of God." His voice was full of serenity. "Where do you go to church?" I asked. "I don't go to just one church. I visit many."

Ok. At the moment, I thought that was nice, to just come over and join us in this mess we were in. Not having much time to think or chat, I left the conversation and went off to have really weird conversations.

My husband ran into him again. The young man was talking to the Muslim man that I spoke of in yesterday's post. My husband, who is a quiet man, listened to their conversation and then interrupted and took over witnessing to the Muslim. He told me later, "It just was like me to do that".

Later, my husband ran into the young man again, in the restroom of the church. This young man, prayed for my husband and blessed him. Then, we never saw him again. He was gone, this man of peace. He blessed us that day with his presence and brought peace to a volatile situation.

Another time, that I believe I was in the presence of Angels, was at the church I am at now. We were having a late night meeting. There were about 12 of us there. I can not remember what we were doing, but, it was members of the church who all knew each other.

The door to the worship center, where we were meeting, opened up and three women walked in. My church is predominantly white and it is a "come as you are" church. People wear whatever makes them comfortable. These women were black and dressed real nice. No one had ever seen them before.

Now, this meeting was only know by a few of us. It was not a public meeting and was of very little interest to the rest of the church. I know this by the number of people there. Pastor welcomed the ladies and they sat down. They did not sit together, they sat dispersed amongst all of us.

Then we broke up into three groups of four. Each of these women went into a separate group. You have got to know by now, that these women are not acting normal. They come into a strange church together but, separate into different groups. This is not your normal behavior.

I can only attest to what went on in my group. But, I surmise that the same thing went on in the other groups as well. The woman in my group, began to minister to us. Again, peace was all over her. My muscles and mind relaxed when I got close to her. She shared of God's great love and His need to have us near Him. She spoke of Him in endearing terms, like those of a daughter to a father. The words flowed from her with such grace that it felt like a dream. All, she talked about was love and fellowship with God. I was truly blessed by the presence of this woman.

The three women did not stick around to chat after we were done. They picked themselves up and were gone before you could do anything about it.

Where they angels? I believe so. The young man and these women brought something to us that I have not since experienced. PEACE. GREAT PEACE. They were all so sure of themselves and God. There was no earthly bonds of stress, doubt, anger, there was only peace and love. They truly made me feel loved. Strangers just loving because they were love.

Hebrews 1:14

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?


adamB said...

Hi, Yep I think some angels appear as normal folk just like in Hebrews 13:2. God sent an Angel like that to me.

For almost two years I had a prolapsed disk in my back, which the Doctors said would be very difficult to treat and an operation might make things worse. In the early days before I knew to ask for opiates (tramadol) the pain was so intense I once went 6 days without sleep. Even once I was on opiates I couldnt take them in the day as I need to concentrate for my job, it was a real ordeal.

Then God sent an Angel to me. After her touch my back cleared up in no time. Not only was I fully healed , I was better than ever. I went back to playing footie with the same group of mates I’ve being playing with since my teens. Before I’d been average, now after an absence of two years I was easily the best player after about my second game!

The Angel, well I think she was an Angel, was on the surface just a normal person was in my life briefly through work. There are so many special things about her and so many inexplicable things happened while she was around.

Maybe she was just a normal peson that God has espeically blessed, but I perfer to think she is an Angel like in Hebrews 13:2.

Beutiful pics by the way, great blog!

Given55 said...

Thanks for the comment. A great testimony to God's love and promises.

I appreciate your interest in my blog

adamB said...

Your very welcome Given it’s a great blog you have here. Here’s another story I came across a couple of days back.

In Russia when the communists were suppressing religion Christians would sometimes go out into the forest to pray. One particular group would frequently catch glimpses of angels round about a certain glade where they used to gather for worship, sometimes they could even speak to them. These were the more traditional sort of Angel which were clearly supernatural. One time when a patrol of troops passed by the Angels did something to hide the Christians from sight! Once the prohibition on religion was lifted the Angels were no more seen.

Don’t know if its true but it might be!

Given55 said...


I have heard stories like this before. I'd prefer to believe, it is true. Thanks for sharing