Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, the verdict is in. I have Costochondritis. The name alone brings visions of Costa Rica. Anyways, if your interested or for your reading enjoyment, here is a link to explain Costochondritis.

I have been asked, by several folks, how the pain affects my spiritual walk. I had to think back on when I was deathly sick before. It has been seven years since I have been sick.

In those days, I was on staff at my church and had a full load of counseling clients. Besides counseling, I did deliverances, healing, inner healings etc.

What I remember and what will need to happen now, is that when I would minister to someone, the Holy Spirit would fall on me so hard that I would not feel pain, not think of my condition and only focus on the work of the Lord.

I would totally step outside of myself and the Spirit of God would take over.

It is a place where I need to learn to always be in. A place where the things of this world no longer matter. A place of serenity and love.

I can remember being so weak that I had to use a cane to hold myself up. One day, I was working with a woman, doing a inner healing. I had a team with me to help. She had a huge amount of soul and spirit ties. Photobucket There were demonic strong holds and family curses. We spent hours with her. At one point, I can not remember exactly what the subject was, the chair she was sitting in began to raise up from the floor. I had been sitting in a chair, my cane beside me. Without thought, I stood and moved to her and with the others held down the chair. While holding the chair, I cursed the spirit that was affecting her. It took strength physically and emotionally to do this, but the Lord provided both and the work of God was finished for that woman that day.

My focus, has to be on God. The pain, in my body, is overwhelming. But, only if I let it be. The pain medicine has quit working and I know that I need to find alternatives from medicine. Also, I have to watch out for addictions. So, I have to walk closer too, meditate longer on, and make my entire focus on our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can see what God is doing in my life and what He has in store for my future. This new diagnosis will not stop me. Actually, it may help. It will bring my focus and thoughts closer to where they should be. Only seeing and feeling the power of the living God, my fortress, my great counsel, my healer, my love.


V said...

You are still in my thoughts. My daughter has costchondritis, too. She was dx'd last year and we were all so terrified when we were waiting for the results. She is 10 and she says that the pain of a "flare up" hurts more than any other pain she has ever had.
I am glad they found the problem, and hopefully you feel better soon.

Given55 said...

Thank you sooo much for the continued concern. I can not imagine a child with this horrible problem. My heart goes out to her. It, does feel like I'm having a constant heart attack. I'd rather have a child. My prayers go out to your precious one. Bless you "V".


In the name of Jesus, I pray healing over your body. I declare a miracle upon you this very day, that the Holy Spirit wash over you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Given55 said...


Thank you!!! I must say, that I am feeling much, much better. God has had so many people praying for me and brought me to a natural substance that, he alone created, that I have walked into healing. Praise be to the God Almighty.

Kathryn said...

I pray that you're already healed, but if not, I understand what you're going through. I had some trauma to my chest last October and I've been dealing with costo ever since. I'm not one to complain, but the pain rivals that of all natural childbirth, except it lasts a lot longer! I'm a spirit-filled Christian and I'll continue to battle in prayer for our healing. God bless!

Given55 said...


I have no pain from the costo any longer. God took me to Noni juice. I take two tablespoons a day and continue this now.

It was two days after I started taking the Noni juice that the pain stopped and it has not returned. It is suppose to take a couple of weeks, but God did bless me with early relief.

Praying for you.