Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The word Charis means a divinely inspired gift, grace, or talent, as for prophesying, healing, etc. Bill Johnson puts it this way in his book, "Strengthen yourself in the Lord", "Charis refers to the divine grace and ability of God Himself that comes upon and enables a person to accomplish His purposes." Charis is, also, taken from the word Charisma.

Charis is a gift, but a divinely inspired one. A gift from the grace of God to accomplish purpose.

So, how to you get Charis? Why do so many people miss Charis?

I believe it has to do with faith. How big is God to you? Do you have a reality of His sovereignty? Does it go to the core of your very being that God created you, is eternal, can and will do anything? How big is He to you?

I was once told that I have an unhealthy lack of fear. Before I met God, I was truly fearful. My all encompassing fear, kept me from achieving many things in my life. But, when I realized there was a God, how big He was and how much He loved me, my fear vanished. I mean GONE.

My faith developed. I began to understand how "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Heb.11:1. This will bring Charis. Keeping our eyes on God. Knowing that nothing, in our lives, goes untouched by the hand of the Almighty One. That in every good thing and in every bad, God is there.

This total belief is what, I believe, moves a person into the Charis life. It is our unwavering faith.

How to get there? Ask and believe for it. Do not put yourself under a régime of religious disciplines. Instead, experience God. I am not telling you to not read your Bible daily nor pray nor seek God. I am telling you, that we should seek to experience God in everything. Find Him in the minute and improbable things. In the good and the bad. Begin to recognized who He is. His character is what you need to find.

Knowing Him, is more than reading the word, it is experiencing Him on a level that swallows your entire being. He should be your everything, the totality of who you are. Believe in what you do not see and let that become who you are.

Christians should expect supernatural experiences. Through Charis we will. Finding the path to intimacy with God will bring Charis to your life. The door is open to that way of life, walk in, sit down and eat.


Marlo Boux said...

Amen to having an attitude of expectancy toward supernatural events and blessings in our lives. God bless you. Marlo

Given55 said...

Thank you for the encouraging words and for stopping by and reading my blog.


You are absolutely right, we must be expectant!

Given55 said...


Expect, ask and receive

Hopeful Spirit said...

Thanks so much for contributing this post to blog carnival at On the Horizon! Stop by and check out the other excellent submissions!

What a wonderful post. You describe the mindset that I aspire to and I appreciate your making clear that the gift is freely given to everyone who seeks it.