Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Positive Manipulation

I have a prayer that I have been lifting up to God since last night. It is not a prayer about this ailing body, but I have had to step outside of myself and pray a pleading prayer for someone else.

I have always believed that I need only to ask God once and it is done. But, this is so near to me that I keep pleading. I wait today for the outcome of my prayer.

As I was praying today, I started to "Thank God" before hand for the outcome. Then God revealed to me, that this is not exactly the right thing to do.

PhotobucketSo many Christians do this. They say their prayer and then "thank God" for the answer to their prayer. But, what they are really doing is positive manipulation. God's plan is always perfect, no matter what the outcome. But, we in our finite minds, think it has to be the way we want it to be. We know in the back of our minds, that in the finally analyze, that God will make happen what is right in His plan, but we try to make happen what we think right or what we want to happen.

So, He stopped me, today, from saying "I thank you God, before hand for answering my prayer" because the spirit in which I was about to pray those words, was one of positive manipulation.

I do not pray those words very often, but today I feel the need to. I want the situation to go my way. Not knowing the completed work of God, in this matter, I want to make it my way. Do I think that God does not know the best way to handle the situation? No, I do know He is better at this than I am. But, I do want it my way.

This knowledge that we (Christians) try to manipulate God in our prayers, leaves me feeling a bit helpless. Such a lowly thing to be doing, manipulating God. How many other words and deeds do we do to try and achieve "our" goal. This comes down to "searching yourself" for those things that are not of God. Going deep into ones self to find the flit in which we live.
So, knowing that God's plan is always perfect, I surrender. It would seem that I am always finding areas in my life that need surrendering. I thought I had surrendered, but, low and behold, there is another area needing surrender.

God's will, not our will. God's plan, not ours. He will give you the desires of your heart, but we do not really understand the desires of our heart. And if He gives you the desires of your heart, that you think are your desires, then timing is everything. If He where to gives you your desires in your time, would they be long lasting. But, if He gives you those desires, in His perfect timing, then our desires have truly been met.

So, I pray. I know what I want, but I relinquish to God's perfect plan. God knows me though, and it is hard to not beg for what I want.Photobucket


FishHawk said...

What a blessing this message is.

Given55 said...

God Bless you Fishhawk