Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wisdom or Distraction

While my community group was taking place last week, I had a supernatural occurrence. I was sitting listening, at the time, to what was being said about communion, when I felt a thump on my shoulder.

I was beginning to lean back in my chair, at the time, and thought that I had leaned into something. So, I turned around to see what I had bumped into and there was nothing there. I realized, at that moment, that an entity of one kind or another had just thumped my shoulder.

I did not take much time to consider what it could have been. I just kept listening and participating with what was going on in the room. When we had broke up, I mentioned it, but no one responded to what I said, so I let it go.

But, Sunday, at church, a man from the group, spoke to me. He is wanting some healing of emotions. We talked about this a while and then he said, that sometimes leaders take things to deep. I must have looked curious, because he kept on going. He said, that God does not, always, want us to go to deep. I said that I like to go deep into the spirit. Which is what I assumed he was talking about. I was right because, the next thing he said was, "well you know that thing that thumped you on the shoulder?" and then he just raised his eyebrows in a knowing fashion.

So, he is suggesting that, the thump on my shoulder was from God. A warning not to go to deep into the Spirit in front of this group of people. Could this be? This man has no idea how deep I already refrain from going in front of the group. I just never thought about the thump being from God. I have experienced so many demonic things that, I never even consider that it be anything other than demonic.

I know that there are times when God tells me something that is not for everyone. At least not at that time. But, He has also, told me that, "I do not show you extravagant things that you would keep them to yourself." Is this man wise or is he a distraction?

I am believing, a distraction. My reasoning is that, I do not believe that when God gives me something that is about the subject that we are discussing, that he would not want me to share. I, also, do not think that I have gone that deep. I have been quiet about the things of God far to long. God has delivered me from my identity crisis and set me free to be me. So, I am believing what this man said was meant to shut me up again.

I believe that this man got caught up in a thought, by his own reasoning, that was not from God. That he believed he was delivering good advise. I, did, take what he said and prayed and pondered on it, but have come to the conclusion that, I will not be stopped. Weighing all the issues at hand and prayerfully considering his words, I feel confident that I am doing the right thing by sharing what God has shared with me.


Durer said...

Hi, Given.

Your "thumping" experience interests me, not least because I know a young man who experienced something similar while studying at a seminary. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very demonic in character.

You say you "have experienced so many demonic things that, I never even consider that it be anything other than demonic." This fascinates me more than most. I'm a writer who's researching a forthcoming book on exorcism in the U.S.A. This will be a sequel to an existing book. I'm interested in contacting Christians who've had experiences whereby they themselves or their household, or both, were subjected to a prolonged attack by demonic entities.

Did they seek spiritual help from a priest, pastor, or dedicated deliverance minister? Was an exorcism (or deliverance) performed, perhaps more than once?

Let me be clear about this. I'm only interested in genuine cases, those that were verified by a number of witnesses. The purpose of the book is to alert Christians to the very real dangers posed by the preternatural. The stories should act as a caution against, for example, meddling with the occult, such as using Ouija or other forms of divination. They should also inform the reader who may be experiencing similar persecution that help is out there. I can guarantee complete anonymity. Even the location and other personal information will be disguised. This anonymity will also be extended to the delivering minister.

I hope you or one of your readers can assist me in this endeavor. God bless!

Given55 said...


Thanks for commenting. I have had experiences with the spirit ream since I was a child. It became stronger after I became a Christian. You can read about some of these experiences in my first posts. I have, also, performed several deliverances myself. I use a team of people that I have trained. If you would like to communicate more you can e-mail me at A post that talks about a long period of demonic attack, that I was under is "Satan Himself".

God Bless you and your work

Anonymous said... blog is buzzing...don't know how to clarify that...but, I LOVE IT!
As for being bumped...I get BUMPED a LOT...but, usually, it's just spirits letting me know that I'm not alone.
During extreme times of grief, they bump me frequently and sometimes the force is so *real* that I turn to see who's greeting me...!

Given55 said...

Hey Daily Spirit,

Good to hear from you. Those things that go bump in the night are always entertaining. I usually do not seem to think much about it in less it keeps up. Like your thought on it. Hope you are well. Feels from here like you are doing better.