Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do You Have The Courage

My husband and I use to go to a rather political church. The pastor is very involved with the pro-life movement and has been arrested many times for his protests.

One day, the church had gathered to hand out flyers on abortion, and Islam to students at a high school. It went pretty well, there was just a few people who did not appreciate the effort. But, there was one young boy who took a huge offense and decided to take action.

His action was to gather together people and protest at our church on Sunday during services. There was about 30 people walking up and down the street outside of the church with signs and the young man had a megaphone shouting about the church's intolerance.

Pastor asked myself and my husband if we would go out and witness to this group. Always up for the challenge, we said "yes". Outside, was a circus. We were called all kinds of animals and the conversations were strange if not confusing. I was told that Christians are sexually perverted, I think he must have been talking about his own problem, that we were preaching hate, closed minded and stupid.

The anger in these people was controlled, but on the verge of explosion. There was so much anger, that their speech was strained and their fist clenched. But, there was a very interesting event that took place, that could have only been ordained by God.

My husband and I got separated. I was under attack by the sexually obsessed man and my husband was being confronted by a member of the Islamic community.

The conversation began with this man believing that the church was preaching hate towards the Islamic community. My husband remained calm and told him that this was not true. That like Jesus, we loved the person, hated the sin. After, a bit of exchange, he told my husband that Islam had no tolerance for homosexuals and would kill them. My husband pointed out that he,this man, was protesting with homosexuals. This cause confusion for the man and my husband found an opening.

He started to talk about God's love and that Jesus loves all people, including him. That Jesus wanted all people to come to Him, the living God. There was quit the exchange of views, but the exchange had become more of love than of anger. Turns out, this Islamic man, sends his children to a Christian school. He thinks they get a better education there than in public schools. WOW. What an opportunity for God to work.

After the exchange between my husband and this man, he left the protest stating he had been misinformed about the church. We invited those left to come into the church to hear the service and see that we did not preach hate. But, they declined, not really wanting to know the truth.

Do we have the courage that my husband showed that day. Confronting the religion of Islam, has for many, become a politically incorrect thing to do. But, is this a lack of faith on our part. To we see God as lacking in the ability to rise up in us and speak to the Islamic community. Do our fears of offending, keep us from spreading the truth of Jesus Christ. This fear is a dangerous thing for us, the Christians. It will cause us to loose ground in our commission of bringing others to Christ. Few witness anymore. And less will witness to the Muslim.