Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Prayer

My spirit is absorb with what is happening to my pastor wife today. She is having, her second, open heart surgery. So, today, I am just going to write a prayer for her.


I know you hold her in your hands. I thank you for your love for her and how you made her. I lift her up to you in prayer and ask that you guide the surgeons hands. I come against any plans of the enemy to harm her and pray that while she is under the anesthesia that, you Father keep her from harms way.

I stand in the gap for her. And claim that, nothing that is not of God, will be in the surgery room and nothing that is not of God, can touch her. She is the Lord's and is blessed. The mark of God is upon her and she is safe.

I pray father that she has a fast and easy recovery. Be with the family, Lord. Comfort them and guide them into your peace.

You are the almighty one. The Alfa and the Omega. Our fortress. I give you praise and honor. With you anything is possible and your promises true. Without you, I am nothing. With you, I see the truth. Thank you, that you are God.

Praise be to the beautiful one. Honor and glory to you Father. Thank you, that you hear my prayers and they do not come back to me void.



Aisha said...

I say amen to your prayer also. I hope she will recover soon.