Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Walking out A Vision

Last week I got a letter in the mail. This letter came from a woman that I do not know very well. She was asking me, to be her friend.

Now, "friend" here is about a class at my church. It is a purpose class. I wrote about it before in the post "purpose". In this class you are asked to find a "friend", someone who will hold you accountable for finishing the class and for pursuing your purpose after the class.

I was surprised by the letter and honored that she had asked. She called me yesterday and I agreed to be her "friend", but it was in our conversation that I began to see God's hand at work.

Like I said, I do not really know her, but, she had written down what characteristics she wanted in a friend and what she would like a friend to do for her. She had been praying about who it would be. She said she would come up with a name and then hear my name. This kept up until she decided to go ahead and ask me. Not really knowing each other we shared on the phone and what a wonderful conversation it was.

She is just beginning to come into her own with her gifts. Her gifts are like mine. She sees into the spirit realm and has heard the audible voice of God and Satan. She has a knower, that she has not quit figured out yet and is sensitive to the spirit of others.

This is the third person that has connected to me, from my church, since this summer. All three are gifted in the same way that I am. What are the odds. Before, when I was at this church, God had shown me that I would have a prophet team and would be ministering to the church. I blew that with my addiction that I wrote about in "Repentance". I had forgotten about this vision and had, I thought, moved on to other things.

Last summer, it was prophesied over me, that I would have a prophetic school. I laughed and told them "No", it would be a healing school. They laughed back and said "OK". Now, I see what God is doing. I am back to the vision of the prophetic team.

I have gone through a lot of changes since I first had that vision of a prophetic team. Changes that were obviously needed. God kept me safe through them and now I see His hand in action to fulfill that vision. Dear reader, Always ask God to let you see His hand in action. Don't be content to wait to see what His hand has done. Ask to see what he is doing at this moment. It will surprise you and delight you.

I am excited. Just to be in the company of others who can identify with me and share with me. The three that I have met, enjoy calling me and confirming what they have felt, seen or heard in the spirit. It is fun and a joy for me to answer those calls. My spirit is dancing with joy.