Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sharia Law

Last spring, my husband and I were prophesied over. One of the things that was said to me was, "You have authority over that thing in Germany." I was confused and said, "my husband is German." This caused some laughter in the room. So, while the prophet continues to talk to me, but stare at my husband, I remembered what he was talking about.

About a month before, I had heard that in Germany they were thinking about invoking Sharia law. This got me very upset. So upset that I began to pray and research, on line, any where that I could become involved with Christians against Sharia law. I failed to find that place. It is unusual for me to get angry at anything, so I knew my anger was righteous and from God. But, I felt helpless to do anything.

"You have authority over that thing in Germany". Since then, I pray. I take authority over the spreading of Sharia law and pray that others are doing the same.

Today, I found a site that has a petition against Child executions in Iran. You can go there and sign the petition by clicking here. After reading this, I again started to feel that righteous anger whell up in me over Sharia law. So, I googled it again and found a wonderful article on Sharia law. So, if you would like more information on this oppressive law, click here. It is well written and holds a lot of information.

I am still looking for a place were Christians gather to oppose Sharia law. I feel like we are just sitting around watching Islam take over the world. I, personally, need to do something.

The archbishop of England says that Sharia law is unavoidable. Canada has had "honor killings" that have gone ignored by the state. As well, the United States has now had one of it's own honor killings, were a father killed both his daughters for dressing in western attire. The thinking here is that Sharia Law supersedes the laws of any country, including our own.

This thinking is dangerous and we need to stop just watching and start acting to stop it. I do not want my daughter and granddaughter or any other woman to come under this law. It is not God's will to oppress anyone and we as Christians need to stand up to this oppressive system and claim the living God's will over it.