Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arguing With God

Is it ok to argue with God? I sure hope so, because I've been arguing with Him for a long time.

I remember the first time I tried to get out of something. I was working with the severely mentally ill in the community. I'd taken one to see his doctor. Sitting in this crowded waiting room, I saw a woman seating in front of me. Soon as I saw her, I heard God say, "Go tell her I love her." Now, I was not quite as confident as I am now. So my first reaction was, "I don't think so."

I heard Him again. "Go tell her I love her." "I don't know her, I don't want to.." Then in a very strong & forceful voice, God said, "GO TELL HER I LOVE HER!" Up I went.

I was quite timid about going to her. She had her body turned to the side so you could not see her face & she was hunched over. I wasn't real fast about getting there, hoping that her name would be called to see the doctor. I sat down beside her & touched her hand. She turned to look at me with swollen red eyes. The tears were stilling flowing down her face.

I said, "I don't know you, but, God said to tell you He loves you." She gasp & then smiled. "I am a Christian & I was thinking about killing myself. I have felt so alone." I was rather dumb struck at this point. Still a baby in Christ, my wisdom & revelation were in short supply. She thanked me & said that she would be alright now.

A prophet told me not long ago, that God likes it that I argue with Him. This would be a good thing for me, because, I still argue with Him. God has a sense of humor, I've seen it at work. Maybe, He enjoys watching me squirm for a bit. He knows he is going to win. My arguing with the Creator of the Universe is rather futile. He always wins.

My biggest argument has been over my future. He showed me a bit of it & I recoiled. What I saw was not anything I would want in my life. Why would He show me His plan for me, knowing that I would run from it. I believe it was to prepare me & for me to come into a place of acceptance. I'm still running a bit. Satan comes to me & tries to get me to believe that I have made these things up in my head. But, I know the voice of God & I know what I saw in the vision. It would be easier for me to fallen into the trap the Satan continues to try on me, Much easier than following the plans God has laid out for me. But, I will keep my eyes were they belong, catch every thought to the obedience of God & move toward that goal.


Anonymous said...

I think that God EXPECTS us to be who we are (passionate) and to THEREFORE argue w/ Him....

Given55 said...

Daily Spirit,

Very wise. Good to see ya.

Channelofhealing said...

God works with those He loves in His own Special way, whether we argue with Him or not as long as we obey and deliver the message He gives to us and , believe me the Holy Spirit doesn't take no for an answer or else you are ready for a burning heart for that whole period .

I can relate with all you have said here, it has happened to me in many ways than one, both through dreams, visions and Revelations and hearing His voice telling me to go and do this and that, most times it is difficult, and Satan still tries to make me feel am listening to my head too but I know God speaks because He confirms it

Godbless you Given