Tuesday, July 15, 2008

God's Timing

I am the sort of person that does not believe that there a thing called time. I know that for God there is no such thing as time, so it would go hand in hand that there is no such thing as time for us. I believe that everything happens together in God's plan and that the concept of time, that we are under, is for the benefit of us.

Within that concept of time, that God has laid out for us, God's timing is everything. The last few months I have watched that concept, God's timing, as it moved me right into where He wanted me.

As, most readers know, I went through a battle with depression. While there, I had little to do. My phone might ring, but it was not as often as usual and my appointments were far less often. The needs of people for my giftings where not called upon as usual.

My depression was over my mother passing away. While she was with us it was difficult for me to work in my giftings because she was in my home and her needs good, at times, be great.

Just when I came out of my depression, suddenly my phone begins to ring and my calendar is booked. His timing is everything.
Sunday night, while at the graduation. I touched a woman on the back. As soon as I did, I had a vision. I saw her being thrown around a room by her husband. I watched the vision wondering what I was to do with it. It was not an appropriate time to speak to her and would she want to hear what I was seeing.

I was torn. Knowing that she needed help and also knowing that God's timing is everything. Sometimes the things God shows me is a burden.

So, I went on about my business and finished the graduation. When I went to leave, I saw her walking down the hall and said goodbye. She asked me to wait. "Do you do spiritual healing?" She asked. I responded with "yes".

She told me that she had been trying to call me, but that my phone does not work. Had to explain that for some reason, if you call me and I am on the phone, my phone will hang up on you or tell you I am not taking your calls. Is that not crazy. Anyways, as we stepped outside of the church, she asked if she could come and see me.
A young and beautiful woman. She is as tall as I am, which is tall. Eye to eye we stood, looking deep into those port holes to the soul. "Let me tell you why you want to come see me." I said. I then told her of the vision I had.

Her response was to continue to stare into my eyes. "Am I right?" I asked. She said "Yes". "Of course I will meet with you". I responded. She was relieved and went on her way. I watched her walk off thinking how God had brought me though so much to ready me to go back to service in His work.
Our God is an Awesome God MP
So, my schedule as, again, become packed. The needs of God's people are great and heart felt. I watched as God's timing brings them to me and thank God that He has gifted me with helps. As I watched them heal and grow I praise God that He uses me and I thank God for His power and mercy. Without Him, none of this is possible.