Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Winds of Change are Upon the Chruch

This prophesy was set to me yesterday. I thought you, my dear reader, would like to read it.

Spoken By Don Franklin

Welcome to the Great Masquerade of God, saith the Lord; welcome to the Great Ball of God, for you have come into this thing one way but you will go back another, saith God. You have been given angelic host, angelic messengers; you have been given mantles and anointings that you even know not of. In the coming days they will begin to flow.

I am bringing interconnections right now with those that have been hidden behind the scenes for years whom I have developed and I am bringing forth. John the Baptist is going to come out of the wilderness screaming at the Church, screaming at the Church, screaming at the Church, saith the Lord. There’s coming a prophetic mantle across the nations where he comes up out of the wilderness and he begins to minister. After three hundred years of silence John will come forth to speak in the coming days.

There will be changes, changes. The winds of change are upon the Church and there’s nothing you can do to stop this. All you can do is begin to flow with it now. Change, change, change is upon the Church worldwide. I’m bringing it back into the End-time Church that I have so long desired. You have no idea how the heart of God desires to see the signs, the wonders, the miracles.

I will burn the dross out of the body of Christ; I will burn out the false prophets; I will burn out the false apostles. I will burn out those who will merchandize my people. They will not be able to stand the refiners fire in the coming days. I will totally burn out those who will merchandize and use my flock, and I will raise up the true apostolic heart, the true prophetic heart – those that will lay their lives down for the sheep.

You are the beginning founding stones for this movement, saith God. It has begun here in this house, in this church, in this city and it is traveling now across the nations, across the world. You cannot stop this; all you can do is begin to flow with it. Rejoice, for the day that you have been looking for has dawned; it has come. Welcome to the kingdom of God. Welcome to the change that is coming upon America.

I’m calling for kingdom connections worldwide. A transfer of wealth has begun; a transfer of wealth has begun; I will pull it out of the hands that have it and I will give it to those who don’t. Even those ministries that have disobeyed me and consumed upon their own lust, I am going to begin to pull it out of them. I’m going to begin to take their support away; I’m going to begin to transfer it to men and women who will do what I want done with the money. I’m going to cut the legs out from some major ministries; you’re going to watch them fall in the coming days. They’re coming down, down, down, saith the Lord, and you are going up, up, up - not only in the realm of the spirit but the realm of the natural.

There is going to be a new walk, a new countenance come upon you. You’re going to walk like men of God; you’re going to talk like men of God; you’re going to walk like ambassadors of my kingdom. People are not going to recognize you in the coming days.


Gone are the robes of the ordinary and here come the robes of the ambassadors of the kingdom of God. Here come the mantles of the delegates of the U.N. You’re going to be men of prominence, men of respect, men of power. Gone will be the bumbling fool and here come the anointed diplomats of God. You watch and see, saith the Lord; you watch and see; you watch and see, saith the Lord.

You do not even believe what you’re hearing now, but you will when it happens, and you will look back and you will say, surely that was the Word of the Lord; surely that was the Word of the Lord.