Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend

So much happened this weekend, that I do not know where to start. So, I suppose I will recount to you, dear reader, the events in order.

Several of my readers witnessed this first event. My small group went to see Joe Jordan on Friday night. He is called the minister of joy. This is because people have a tendency to get drunk in the Spirit when he is around. I have seen him several times before and it is true, people do get drunk in the Spirit when he is around.

He always starts out with a little sermonette before he starts a healing line. I do not know why, but before he was even finished with the sermonette, I felt the Spirit of God fall on me. There I was minding my own business and wham, I started to smile. I covered my mouth not wanting Joe Jordan to see me beginning to laugh. I know that if he sees this he will come to you, lay hands on you and make it worse. So, I am sitting there wanting to laugh, but being very much in control, but beginning to feel a bit drunk.

Then, a friend, sitting in back of me, leans over and asks me how I am feeling. I turned and looked at her and busted up laughing. That did it. I was over come with joy and try as I might, I could no longer stifle my laugh nor joy. So, here comes Joe Jordan. I saw him coming and wanted him to go away, but, NO, he laid hands on me and a friend in front of me. I lost it. I don't remember much for a while. I saw my brother, fall to the ground while being prayed over for healing and I remember climbing over a friend and my brother to talk to another friend in the middle of the service. Wow!!! Did I feel good. I wanted to play like a little child, but there was no one to play with.
There was a woman there who started laughing and I believe she must have laughed for 30 minutes. She crawled on the floor and was just having a great time. Every once in a while I would feel calm and then get hit again and bust up laughing. I needed that and I thank God that it happened for I now feel refreshed. It was a supernatural event that God granted me. Thank you God.
The next day, I was suppose to go to a auction with my daughter. That did not happen. I got a call from her that was horrific. Her pit bull dogs had gone crazy in the night and killed 8 of her animals, including my angora goat, who was pregnant. So, I spent Saturday morning dragging dead animals across a field for burial. The three baby pigs that where killed where butchered and the dogs are now gone. It was a brutal massacre. My daughter was so upset and I do not blame her. Other animals where harmed, but looked like they would recover. I found myself praying for the children, but they are such farm kids that they seemed to be little affected by the event. It was carnage. If you would like to leave a word of encouragement for my daughter you can click here.

Sunday night, I was asked to prophesy over a group of men graduating from a Purpose class. One of the men was startling because of the anointing that the Lord has put on him. It was so strong that I wanted to dance, or jump or, I don't know, it was just that the energy of the Lord coming forth from him was so strong that I could not stand still.

He is young, 22 years of age. He will grow bold in the Spirit. The words that will come from his mouth will be truth and light. His past will serve him well in his ministry to drug addicted people. There was so much to say to him but, not enough time. It was a pleasure to be in his presence. I asked him if he had ever been filled with the Holy Spirit. He said "no". I laid hands on him and the Spirit of God came. He was slain in the Spirit and filled with the power of God.
laying hands
After the graduation was over, one of the men that I mentor, came to me with words for the young man. I had him deliver the words and then was asked if I would mentor the young boy who had just been prophesied over. Of course I accepted. It will be wonderful to watch this young man grow.

What a weekend. Seeing, hearing and feeling God. It was wonderful. But, then on the other end, seeing the evil of life. The evil was sandwiched in between God and I am grateful for that. My mind does not have to stay with the pictures of the carnage at my daughters farm. Instead, my mind is focused on the glory of God. The future of His children and His plans. Praise be to God almighty. In the mist of all things man made and evil He reigns.