Friday, July 25, 2008

"Your Name is Holy"

Last night in my community group, we sang the song "Your Holy Name".

You are the sovereign "I Am"
Your name is Holy

You are the pure spotless Lamb
Your name is Holy

You are the Almighty One
Your name is Holy

Your are the Christ, God's own son
Your name is Holy

In Your name there is mercy for sin
There is safety within, in Your Holy name

In your name there is strength to remain
To stand in spite of pain

in Your Holy name

I was so very moved by this song. It felt like an answer to my thoughts on yesterday's post. In the post I had told of lying to bring peace to a situation and how this lie had haunted me since. This song says 'There is mercy from sin'. This, of course, is something that I already knew, but hearing it last night brought relief and love to my heart.
God is good. All the time.


Anita said...

God IS good all the time, and isn't it wonderful!?
All through our tornado ordeal, first with the storm, and then FEMA, one of the verses that has kept us "afloat" is Rom. 8:28... Because God is good, we know that even when bad things happen it will work out for our benefit.