Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I met with a woman yesterday, in an emergency counseling session. A friend brought her to me, but our pastor had told them both to seek me out. She was going through with drawls from alcohol and had the shakes bad. She sat in my rocking chair, curled up in a ball.

When asked if she was a Christian, her response was "I don't know."

Hard for me to do Christian counseling with someone who is not a Christian. But, on further questioning I found that she does believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Savior, she has just never been churched. She has no idea what the Bible says and no idea about spiritual things.

I had to watch my tongue around her. Wanting to bring in the supernatural. I thought it would scare her off. But, it was hard and I slipped now and then. She is a woman driven by generational curses. She calms the demonic by drinking. The thoughts she hears are suicidal.

Knowing that Jesus is the risen Savior is just not enough and I needed to teach her enough so that she could make it through the week. So, much to know and so little time.

So, I shared with her that Christianity was not about a group of people. I told her about Enoch and his relationship with God. That this was Christianity. That her relationship with God would be one that is intimacy with God. One on One. This surprised her, but she seemed to understand.

I told her to personalize the Bible and to read the book of John. This she did not understand, so I read a bit of Psalms 91, using her name where it read "I". She like that a lot, but had trouble even understanding the NIV.

I reached for a Bible translation called "The Answer". I, again, read Psalms 91 and she understood. So, I gave her my bible.
Supernaturally, she is covered in demons. They hover over her with an assignment to kill her. When I look at them, it actually looks like one is chewing on her brain. Knawing away her life. God has protected her from death and I prayed more protection over her. Her healing will take time. She is not versed or submerged in the Word of God. She is not spiritual. Does not understand the supernatural. I can not just jump into an inner healing nor a deliverance. She needs to believe. But, she found hope.

I talked to her about her thought life and catching every thought to the obedience of God. Told her to read Psalms 91 and the Book of John. She called me last night to ask some questions and told me she had read Psalms and had personalized it. Her with drawls were bad, but she was hanging in there. I advised her to see her doctor today to get some help with the with drawls.

Where will this end up. I do not know, but I, like her, have hope. She believes in miracles and I told her that she will be a miracle. I pray that the things I said to her hold her in hope. She is in torment and that always breaks my heart. I can not wait to see those demons gone and freedom brought to this child of God.


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