Monday, July 28, 2008

Fall from Grace

Sometimes it feels as if you can only watch as Satan grabs and destroys. He sneaks up on people and steals their joy, love and their very life. His tactics are subtle at times and we can be in the arms of his evil before it is recognized and then we have to start to fight our way back to the security of God.

Why do good people, people who love God and worship Him with their lives, succumb to his evil plans? Are we not alert enough? Are we not truly following the plans that God has for us? Where does it all go wrong?

The temptations of the world, I suppose, can come upon us and we lose our grip on God. But, that seems such an easy answer. You could say, that people who fall into sin were truly never saved. But, that would be a way of alleviating the chance of my own fall from grace. We have all heard the excuses and causes of believers falling from grace, but, right now, for me, it is all just that, an excuse. Where in lies the truth? Why do God's beloved children turn from His very presence and instead choose to do evil?

It seems to me, to be such a foreign thing, turning from God. To deliberately create a situation in my life where I fall into the arms of hell. But, I have learned this weekend, that thinking that one could never choose evil over God, after knowing Him in an intimate way, is an unsafe way of thinking. I have seen the righteous fall from grace and I find it all to much of a slippery slope.

How easy it can be to move closer to Satan and further from God? Pretty easy. It does not even take much thinking. Suddenly, their you are following the one who destroys life and leaving the one who gives life. Does not matter the years of knowing God, nor the depth nor intensity of that relationship disaster can come. As day turns to night, the light of God begins to fade. The call into a life of darkness begins to control our every thought and soon the voice of God fades into the darkness of that long cold night.

I struggle with the whys in life. I see the righteous fall into the darkness and I weep, I wail, I feel the pain of God and I scream, I intercede, I fall on my face. My tears dry up and I feel lost. Not understanding how a life so abundant in the Lord can suddenly be controlled by the dark. Are we really so vulnerable to the evil of this world? Can all our lives be, in the twinkling of an eye, swallowed up by the schemes of Satan?
But, why? Where is our strength? Why do we walk away from our refuge? What is it in us that would choose to leave glory and walk into doom? I break inside whenever I think of our vulnerability. Do not delude yourself and think "I could never walk into darkness". The dark is only one thought away.


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion.....Yes, I think that we can stray. The earthly man will always fall when left to himself, however, the spiritual man is perfect because it is born of God. God can't sin, so the spirit part of us will not sin. Our position in heaven was determined at the Cross. We will be in warfare with our mortal bodies as long as we live here on earth, but thanks be to God that gave the victory, one day we will be as He is! Praise His Holy name..He's worthy.

Aunt D.

Kay Martin said...

Wow...your site is alive. Love the colors and then the content.

The Bible tells us that even the elect would be deceived if not for the grace of God.

Jesus took time, it appears from Scripture, often if not daily to quiet Himself and pray to FAther God. I am finding I must make that time to be quiet and listen to God or I can also be deceived and misstep.

Warfare seems to be in direct proportion to Heavenly anointing in us for God to work through us His mighty works and wonders that make an eternal difference.

The warfare is war!!! But oh to know that I may be a part of the KIngdom of God in a battle that matters eternally makes the struggle worth it all.

I'll be your voice.