Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Her name is Virginia. She takes walks in the evening. She is 81 years of age, but looks, at the most 60. On her walks, she use to see my mother sitting on the porch and come up and talk to her. Yesterday, she came up to talk to me.

She ask me, "is your mother gone?"

We spoke of my mother and her death. She was sorry. Virginia is a kind woman. Her heart is always wide open and her spirit is sweet.

Once, she decided to take my mother for a walk. I told her that this may not work out. But, Virginia was determined that my mother needed exercise. So, off they went. They made it one house down from mine and then they turned around and came back. Virginia's comment. "We'll go again next time." She would sit for hours with my mother.

So, yesterday, we sat and talked. It was nice. Her concern and love radiated from her. She shared about her life and children. I was relaxed and enjoying the conversation.

Then she asked if I knew Valerie down around the corner. "Yes, I know her". "Well, she is not home and I have this magazine for her. Do you want it?" She asked.

I looked at the magazine in her hand and then looked up to her face. "Yes. I am a Jehovah Witness." She said. I was stumped. Never would I have expected this one. "Will you read it if I leave it with you?" She asked.

My thoughts were, be totally honest with her. "No, Virginia. I will not read it." I told her. "I do not believe the way you do."

"Well you know, most of us Jehovah Witness come from other churches." She replied. I took this as I could possibly be converted. "Well, I'm charismatic and I would suppose that most of us come from other domination's." I said. She agreed.

I then told her that I was ordained and a Christian counselor and the conversation about religion stopped.

When she left she reached over and hugged me. I accepted the hug knowing that she truly meant it. I watched her walk away with dread and disappointment.
And then the questions came.
Does Virginia walk so that she can convert? Is this her way of going house to house. She sees you on your front porch and makes friends with you and then starts the conversion conversation. WOW!!! What a great technique.

Very few Christians go door to door witnessing any more. What a shame. We seems to keep to ourselves fearing backlash from people. Not wanting to step on toes or insult others we keep our religion to ourselves.

I'm disappointed in where Virginia is at, but admire her courage and plans. I might just try to take a walk tonight and meet some new neighbors.