Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Demon On His Shoulder


God had me tell a young man, a while back, that he had a demon on his shoulder. Now, I see demons on people quit often, but usually do not tell a person. But, this time was different. The young man and I had a long conversation and he decided he was not ready to get rid of this demon.

Our conversation went well. We did not discuss where the demon cane from or what gave it the right to be there. But, we did talk about freedom and God's will for him. When I left him, we were friendly towards each other and hugged goodbye.

After that, every time I would see this man, he would turn his eyes from me. I asked his wife what was up with him. I felt that he knew that I knew what the demon was about. Which I did. He was addicted to pain medication. His wife told me that he was afraid of me. His fear was because, he was sure, I knew everything about everybody. My response to that comment was "Boy, that would be horrible." When I told her to tell him this was not the way it was. She said, she would rather him think that I do know everything about everybody. She felt it would make him more conscious of his behavior.
So, for the last year, this man has been afraid of me. I, intentionally would, every time I would have the opportunity, say "Hello" to him. My intention was to try and brake the ice with him. But, when I would say "Hello" he would lower his head and give me a weak "hello" back.

I felt bad about what was going on. I wanted him to be free from the oppression and from the fear of myself. I wondered at why God would have me tell this man about the demon if he would do nothing about it. What is the purpose in all this. I did not like seeing his torment time after time.

Last Sunday night when I was prophesying at the graduation, he was in attendance. I saw him before it started, but kept my distance. There wa a moment in the graduation when I laid hands on a man and God filled him with the spirit of God and he was slain. He fell to the ground and laid there for a while.

After graduation, I found myself standing next to the man who is afraid of me. I said, "Hello". I expected the usual timid response. But, what I got threw me off balance. He turned right at me and said, with joy in his voice, "I knew he was going to fall down. As soon as you touched him. I knew it."
Wow!! I was so stunned, I think I might have just stared at him. Then he said, "I got that demon off my shoulder." Then he just talked and talked. He told me what the demon was and how he was free from medication. That he still hurt physically but was free emotionally and spiritually. I said very little. There was little time to say anything because he had so much to say. I was awed.

Incredible is all I could think. When he left me, I looked at his wife. "He still thinks you know everything." is what she said to me. "But, he thinks, now, it is for the good."

Well, I do not know everything, but that idea helped this man. It took a year for him to get free, but God's timing is everything. I celebrate this mans freedom, it is glorious to see his joy. You never know what God is doing, but it always turns out wonderful.


lance said...

That is an incredible story. Continue to keep me in your prayers as I soul search myself with God's light. Thanks for your words of encouragement.