Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Try has I may to isolate...It does not work!!!

But, I still do not go anywhere.

That will change though.

I had a visitor last night. An old friend whom I had to share my situation with. She emailed me because I have not been answering my phone. So, I told her what I was going through. What does she do....shows up.

We talked for a very long time. We laughed and shared sorrow. We shared victories and challenges. It was good.

But, next thing I know, she has me booked for 4 separate events at the church. I told her it may be like moving a mountain to get me there, but she would not relent. Even stated that I may have to move into her house, one weekend, because she has me so busy.

So, I accepted, but told her I would probably change my mind and not come. The look on her face was one of "oh no you won't". I guess I will go.

One of these events will be me speaking to a group of women. My choice of topics. This is a month away so I have time to prepare. I could bring them all down and talk about depression. Just kidding.

God told me once, pertaining to friends, too choose few and choose wisely. Before I was a Christian I had no friends. I was ok with this...I actually liked it that way. After I became a Christian, I started to have lots of friends. People were everywhere. So, many that I eventually got hurt and that is when God spoke the above to me.
So, I began to choose few and choose wisely. When my mother was ill and past and now that I am going through this season, I have found out why choosing few and choosing wisely is so wise and rewarding.

My few friends have reached out to me with cards, emails, comments on this blog and by just showing up at my home. They have given advise, encouragement and love. They are patient and concerned. All have shown the love of God.

I am so very grateful that God has brought such people into my life. Because, I recognize that without them I would be in deep trouble. They are keeping me afloat with their prayers, visits and encouragement.

Since God foresaw what I would be going through, He put just the right people in my life, at just the right time, to see me through this dark season.

Thank you my friends.


American Genius said...

I love the free hugs idea. I wouldn't mind participating in such an event, partly because I'd like some hugs and partly because I'd like to give some hugs, It's not so proper as it used to be to hug people, even family

Given55 said...

American Genius,

I like hugs too. Thankfully, my church friends are always hugging. It is a joy.