Friday, March 28, 2008


I met with three of my team members on Wednesday. What a wonderful contrast of personalities. Interestingly enough though,is the fact that, one is quit like myself. This, took me back at bit.

Roseann is quite and meek. Me....not so much. I am like Peter. Bold and suffer from Foot in Mouth disease. Rosanne is serious. Me....not so much. If I can not find the silly side of life, I'm in trouble. Something is seriously wrong with me if I can not laugh. God even cracks me up sometimes.

While we talked on Wednesday. Roseann had a question for me. She had tried to have the answer answered at another meeting that was attended by people that did not understand her but, I was proud of her for exposing her gift to them. Her question goes, "This is going to sound weird, but when I'm in prayer, I can hear my spirit praying in tongues to the Father. Is this ok?" She, also, stated that she does not speak in tongues.
While Roseann speaks, she likes to hide herself behind her hands. She peaks out, now and then, to check on your reaction. She was joyous at my reaction.

My reaction was, "Of course, that is alright." I shared with her my experience with spirit to spirit communication. How, while at a retreat, my spirit had spoken, in long converation, to someone else' spirit. It happened more than once that day. I could hear the conversation, but did not understand it, because it was always in a language I did not understand.

I, also, shared with her what God had shown me about our spirit being seperate from our soul. I told her of the question that God had asked me. "Why would I take, a spirit, that I have known and loved through eternity and put it into a body that I knew was going to burn in hell?"

She was relieved at my response and shared more. She relaxed in knowing that the things she is seeing are real and from God. Relaxed in the fact that she is not crazy.
I marveled at how much she is like me. Seeing into the spirit realm has I do. The others on the team, are different in their giftings. But, her and I, truly, have eyes to see. She however, is insecure and gentle. Where I have confidence and will always be rough around the edges.

God has exposed to me the true nature of man. He has shown me how truly evil man can be. Not what we know to be evil, but the depths of evil. Roseann, on the other hand, understand evil, but has not experienced the depths of that place. I pray that this is not for her.evil

I like watching Roseann grow up into her gifts. It gives me pleasure to guide her into her own. Her innocence is refreshing. She does see the demonic and is uncomfortable there, but God gives her an even dose of seeing Him. How wonderful. I have had to ask to see the angelic.

So alike, are we, but so different. It will be fun to see how God moves us into ministry and how Roseann and I grow together into one. Serving the Lord in healing and deliverance.

I have quoted and shared in this post from these previous posts; "Spirit to Spirit Communication", "What a Weekend","Angels Among Us","The Source"


jim said...

I also had this experience the first time I heard my spirt pray. If She lets her spirit it will pray even when she is doing other things. I find mine doing that at times. It is a hard thing to let go and let our spirit work for us, but oh what a blessing. I sometimes hear mine praying even when my mine is on something else. God has many ways to talk to us and through our spirit is only one.

Anonymous said...

Roseann sounds like a divine treat! I know that I too, would love and appreciate just her mere presence.

I *hear* you on seeing the angelic. I too, had to ask to see that and I still haven't (that I remember). I've *heard* them claraudiently and spiritually, but have never seen them.

Whoa...I can't imagine even in my usually dissociative state to *return* to find my spirit praying...I would like to, though :)