Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was given this award today from emmyrose at Dancing with Butterflies. It came as a surprise and I am humbled by it. Very grateful to Emmyrose for her acknowledgment of my blog.

When I think about awards, I think of our highest award. Awards are usually given,by the awarder, in appreciation for a work done. An award is received by the recipient, for a good job. God promises us rewards when we get to heaven. I look sooo forward to seeing what that might be. A good work done award from the Maker of the universe. How exciting is that.

So, here on earth, we too, acknowledge those who do a good work. With that, when I first started this blog, I was given an award. I was suppose to send it on to 5 other blogs that I felt deserving. I did not know 5 blogs at the time. Now, I do and I'd like to send on "The Thinking Blogger award" to:

As the Cracker Head Crumbles....
because his insight and knowledge of God makes me stop to ponder.

Dancing with Butterflies.....because in the midst of pain she makes me wonder at her beauty.

Desert Cat's Paradise.... because he looks at the world in colors that are different from the rest of us.

Brother Marty....because his humility, kindness and love of God makes me reflect on my own.

Daily Spirit....because she does make me wonder what lies between the ears of an Empath.

I was suppose to send this award on two only five. But, there are so many more that are also deserving. Please, when you get a chance, check out the others on my blogroll. They are all deserving.

I am adding an extra one because she is so sepcial to me and she makes me wonder at myself.

A Homesteading Neophyte