Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pleading and Commanding Prayer

There are different ways to pray, as we all probably know. There is a pleading prayer and a commanding prayer. A kind of request and an order. Most people pray in the request mode. I believe this is because they are in a routine of prayer.

We, actually, get in quit the routine. Doing everything basically the same. Our walk with Christ becomes ordinary and we rely on the same things to see us through. Our routine becomes habit. I'm not saying that being a habitual Christian is a bad thing, we should all be addicted to God. But, a routine makes something common place and in affect a nonimpacting ritual.

When I first came back to my precious church, I noticed how beautiful their prayers were. The language was eloquent and the tone was sweet. I was impressed by how poetic it sounded. I was drawn into the prayer by the love of the one speaking. But, then after a while I started to notice that no matter what the occasion the prayer was the same. They are so caught up in the routine or pattern of the method of prayer, that it never alters.

I was asked to prayer over a woman who had requested healing prayer. I was new back at the church and trying to keep a low profile. When asked to pray over her, I really did not want to, I was still not sure of where I was going in the church and was mostly wanting to be just left alone. So, the women in the room did not know me at all.

Before, I got to the woman, a group of began to pray over her. Some were standing and some kneeling around her. The prayers were, again, sweet, soft and pleading. I hesitated knowing, I don't always know what is going to come out of my mouth. Again, I was asked to go over and pray for her. I didn't get to far and the love of God came over me and I fell to the ground. I could not get up under the power of His love, so I began to crawl.

Some of the women who were praying saw me and thought that I need prayer. They started laying hands on me and lifting me up to God. They have wonderful hearts at my church, always willing and armed with a prayer. I could hear the sweetness of their prayers and realized they thought I was sick. I continued to crawl to the woman who had asked for prayer.

In the room I began to hear different prayers. One came from right above me. This was not a prayer for me, but for the other woman. It was praising God in a forceful voice. I shouted "Yes, God" and the prayer got louder. Then I could here a voice from another part of the room commanding the presence of evil to leave this place. The more I agreed with these prayers the more demanding they became.

I must have looked the sight. I'm crawling on the floor,crying with three to four women following me praying to God over me. Finally, I get to the woman. I am wiped out by now. So much power. I knew that God wanted to heal this woman because of the love that He was sharing with me, that He had for her. He always, give me a taste of His love when He wants healing.

I got up and stood in front of her. I could still hear the pleading prayers around her. The women all had their eyes shut and heads bowed. It was a beautiful sight of reverence and love. I knew, though, that I was about to interrupt this sight.

I had to ask her name. We looked at each other for a moment and then I told her that she had a valve in her heart that looked like it would stick now and then. Then I told her that God was going to heal her now. How the while, I'm praying in the back of my head that God would use me as a conduit of His love. So, I reached out and touched her. She moved backwards and the women caught her. I commanded in a stern voice that she be delivered from the grasp of sickness and that she is healed in the power and the name of Jesus Christ.

It was as if the world stopped. Silence fell into the room and all inhabitants of the room stared at the woman getting prayer. The wonderful group of women that were following me had taken a step back and put their hands down. Everything slowed. The woman took a deep breath, looked up at me and said, with tears, "thank you." I said, "Your welcome. To God be the glory." and we were done.

The story of what went on in that room spread through the families of those in the room. I retreated into my hiding place, but was a bit more willing to come out. The woman getting prayer, told me that she had a valve in her heart that was sticking and she knew she'd been healed. I needed to hear that, a validation I needed at that time.

We should never be stuck in a routine of prayer. God is unpredictable and is looking for someone to pray. If we are stuck in a routine of prayer and not willing to break free of that routine, then when God is in need of a different kind of prayer, we will not be able to impact the way He needs.

God hears all prayers. But, He is not the only one listening. The spirit realm hears you as well. Those demonic forces are listening. We should not be pleading with them nor pleading with God to take them away. You have been left with the same power that Jesus Christ walked in here on this earth. You, my friend, have the prayer of command. Command those demons to leave this place. Command by the name of Jesus Christ and they will flee.

We plead for a "yes", but the "yes" has already been given by God. "Yes, it is done." "Yes,by my stripes you are healed." We need not plead, the answer is already there. Command that the deed fall into line with the Word of God and obey.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I actually think there is a third kind of prayer--if it even can be called as such--the communional prayer. I was struck by this when I saw the 6 hour version of Jesus of Nazuruth. Jesus walked in both the Spirit and the flesh; he would talk to his disciples and simultaneously commune with the Father. I think this happens to people who are really adept at prayer and very attune to God. I know a pastor who does this. I had a friend, the one who passed that I told you about, who did this. For a while, I reached it but I fell away--I had a crisis with my faith. I think it will be a while before I reach it again; there are things I need to give to God, and I try, but I keep taking them back.

Thank you for this post.

Given55 said...

Enemy of the Repulic,
You are right,there are many other kinds of prayers. I, too, went through a crisis of faith. Because of my gifts and not being accepted by many in the Christian community. But, because of that crisis, I have come out the other side closer to God. My impression of you is that you too, see into a different world and through this crisis you will learn who you truly are in Christ. My prayers are with you.

Emmyrose said...

and my prayers are with you too.. i'm sharing you this award, hope it brightens up your day. God bless!

Given55 said...

Thank You Emmyrose. You have been such a blessing to me. You are always with me.