Saturday, January 5, 2008

To let you know

Ok, I have bared my soul on this blog. I have told you just about everything about me and intend to continue to do so. But, I want to tell you something new about me so you will know where I am at.

I have just been diagnosed with secondary Sjogren's. The Sjogren's has come about because I have relapsed into Lupus.

When I got the word about relapse, friends said "it's an attack." But, this just did not seem right to me. It did not ring true in my spirit. I knew they meant well and it would look that way, but, I just could not agree

Then, last night, a dear friend, whom I am connected to spiritually, Daily Spirit, wrote to me. When I was sharing with her that this had happened she got a word from God. The word was "test". This rang true in my spirit. A Test.

At this time, I have no idea what the test is about. God usually lets you go through it before you discover the test. But, I will walk this out the best I can. Leaning on Him, loving Him, seeking Him, communing with Him.

Some would say, that God would never create such a thing, but, I know that not to be true. I have seen many a trail from God and they usually are not pretty. Remember, God once told me "You look upon something, with your finite mind, and see ugly. Then you determine that that work is of Satan. How dare you. How do you know that it is not my hand at work". So, it is not always pretty. And of course, a trial is never nice, so why do we think that a sickness could not be a trial.

Anyways, I start steroids today. Short term is what the doctor said, knowing how I feel about steroids. I have started another blog that will focus on the Lupus. I do not know yet, what lies ahead of me. But I do know, from my past experience with Lupus, that God continues to speak to me and give me strength. So, I will continue to relay to you, dear reader, the visions, dreams and words that our loving God gives to me.