Monday, January 28, 2008

Do you have a Limp?

I have been seeking God since yesterday on what to write on this blog today. I have not been inspired at all. I floundered around in my mind and in prayer, but to no avail. But, I kept thinking about my journals.

I keep just about everything that God has spoken to me in journals. I carry one around with me everywhere. You never know, you could be just hanging around, minding your own business, and God speaks. Going through the journals it is clear that I have had many struggles with whom God has created me to be.

One of the things that God has said to me, struck me this morning. "Do not shoot yourself in the leg with the things of this earth. Your walk will become a limp. Be whole and receive my word."

When He said this to me, I was in a place of enormous struggle. But, when I look at it now, I see a whole different message. It implies that one can not become whole nor receive that fullness of God, if we beat ourselves up, focus on the things of this earth, linger in the doubt, dark, or ego.

It is difficult at times for us to pull ourselves out of the murk. We can get so far down that the only thing we see or think is ourselves. For some Christians, the limp is the questioning of God resolve. You will hear them say things like, "I know God is near, I just don't feel Him", or "I know that God loves me, but I can not understand why I'm this way."

It is not a matter of God's plans. It is, however, a matter of self indulgence. The things of this earth that I shoot myself in the leg with, are almost always self indulging. Oh, I can pretty them up with looking at the spirituality of my thoughts, but, I am only trying to fool myself. If I continue in this way, I will repeatedly shoot my self in the leg, maybe both legs, till my limp becomes more of a paralyzes.

Struggle is not always a bad thing. Whenever we truly examine ourselves it should lead to somewhat of a struggle. But, the way we examine ourselves should not lead to self deprivation. If we go there, our struggle will be in vain. To no avail. With spiritual eyes, we need to examine ourselves and then allow God to change us.

If we linger and contemplate our short comimgs, we will just stay there. Sick and dirty. I know that for myself, the closer I have gotten to God, the filthier I have felt. I had to come to the realization, that I am a work in progress and God, thankfully, excepts me just had I am and He is the great healer fixing my every short coming. But, I can not do this work on my own. I have to admit the short coming and then let it go to God. He, always, repairs me.

Evey once in a while, I begin to limp again. Knowledge is my first weapon against my limp. I recognize the limp for what it is and then I give it to God. Soon my limp will heal and my walk becomes whole again. Our worst enemy is our self indulgence into the mind. Satan lies in wait for your doubt and fear. Aligning you mind and your spirit, using the first weapon against him, will make you the victor in the spiritual war for your salvation.


FishHawk said...

Much unto my shame: I am not always faithful. In fact: I am really not all that faithful most of the time; and this is what makes our Heavenly Father's faithfulness so absolutely amazing unto me personally. For when I so frequently tire of seeking Him: He never tires of seeking me.

Nonetheless: what can His Counsel really do for me if I refuse to follow His leading??? Hence: the limp that He is so eloquently speaking about in and through you.

Sunny said...

Good post- I voted for you! Thanks for the link back as well!
God Bless~

Given55 said...

Thank you Sunny and you are very welcome

Hopeful Spirit said...

Cindy: I am intrigued by your writing and delighted that you are participating in The Seventh Day blog carnival! I hope that you will participate again in the future. This post is extremely thought-provoking and an excellent analogous way of looking at how we hold ourselves back. Thanks for contributing it to the Carnival!