Thursday, January 24, 2008

Between Sleep and Wake

Last year I had to have surgery. I thought that I handle the whole thing rather well. I decided to take it one step at a time. First the doctor, then the test etc. Which was a totally new concept for me, because my usual way of handling things is to go through every scenario that could possibly happened. I can write history before it happens. I suppose it's to prepare myself for the unknown.

The day before surgery, I woke up and saw my husband walking from the kitchen to the living room. I laid there and realized that he was in the bathroom not walking around the house. I thought, maybe, I heard and saw wrong. So, I ask him, if he had just walked through the house. He said "no". I thought for a moment why I was seeing an aberration, when I heard a voice, "we have come to prepare for your death".

That got my attention. I sat up in the bed and thought for a while. "I don't think so" was my curt reply. I began to pray, to seek the truth. Then, I drove those demonic things out of my house by the blood of Jesus.

I knew the words to be a lie, but the timing, of course, was perfect. I did not let it distract me nor to cause fear in me, but I found it interesting that there was an attempt to rattle me. Why?

The most dangerous time, in every day life, for a Christian, is between sleep and wake. We become vulnerable to the attacks of the spirit realm. They infiltrate your mind and cause all kinds of havoc. Giving you dreams that create fear or doubt. Speak into your soul those things that play upon your ego, security, and strength. And if your sensitive to them, they make noise, say your name, just pester you.

To complicate things, the state of being under anesthesia is just as dangerous. We become very susceptible to the attacks. A weakened state of consciousness, the attempt to get hold of ones soul is easily attained.

So, here I am, going into surgery, with a visit from the demonic the day before. I knew they could not get to me, because of prayer and my Father in Heaven's protection over me. But, the idea, of them trying, ticked me off. I stamped around my house that morning, as I prayed these things out. Succumbed by the righteous anger of our Lord and then brought to the realization of how many people would have surgery that morning who did not know the Lord. What would be their fate? I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the thought.

A friend had surgery a while back and a group of us took up spots around the hospital to pray. We surrounded her with prayers of protection. Her surgery was long and she recovered nicely. We took up the stance of warring for her soul.

I tell you this, so that if you have a love one or friend that is to have surgery, you would pray for their protection from the infiltrating spirits. That they would have no attacks from the demonic. Also, that at night, when you yourself, go to sleep, you would pray that the Lord Almighty give you protection from the darkness. That the Lord hold you in His arms and you would fall asleep in comfort and joy.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. I've never had surgery, only given birth and no drugs, minus something that was supposed to help me sleep and it didn't--I was in too much pain to sleep! My brother recently had surgery; I will keep this in mind.

lance said...

That is so interesting. You know our angel is there to protect us in that state and his strength comes from our prayers to God. Awesome how all that works.

Anonymous said...

I have had things like that happen to me. One time, when I was just about to awake, my husband't wasn't home and I sensed and saw what I thought was my husband walking from his side of the bed to mine, but it wasn't him. The spirits try to rattle you and shake your faith. But since the Lord is for us, who can be against us?

Robin said...

I am left curious by your feeling that those times between sleep and awake are "dangerous", when I see them as such vivid opportunities to listen, and learn....