Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Nose

God has begun talking to me about faith.

Luke 12:28
If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?

"O ye of little faith?" Notice it is a question, not a statement. "Why do you have such small belief?" or "Why do you not see the nose on you face.?"

If you look you will see you have a nose on your face and if you look you will see God.

Do you believe that you have a nose on your face? Does your belief that you have a nose on your face make it so or is your nose just there.....because? Do you trust that your nose will be there tomorrow, do you believe that it will continue to function or do you doubt that it will be there tomorrow and believe that someday it will stop the work it was created for. Do you blame your nose when things smell bad and then take credit for yourself when things are good? Do you let your nose lead you to the good stuff and turn you from the bad?

Such amazing faith we have in our noses. Some, I realize, have malfunctioning noses. They lack in ability, so our faith in our nose lacks. It is a weak nose.

Our nose, at times, gets attacked and becomes clogged with the things of this earth. At, these times, we move under our own ideas of what is bad or good. Oh, we know we need our nose back, but, for a time, we need to lean on our own understanding. Sometimes, our nose may leak - slowly loose fluid- one drip at a time. We run for the Kleenex, a man made devise, to aide in our misery. Somehow, in all this malfunctioning, I still believe that the nose on my face, will never leave me and will operate again in the matter that it is suppose to. I never find fault with my nose for its noncooperation with my needs. My faith in my nose endures.

When you are under attack from the things of this world, do you think that God has left you? If your nose does not leave you, when it is under attack, than surely God has not left you. He is not malfunctioning. He is right beside you. You are the one not calling upon Him for endurance, reassurance nor strength. Instead, like the Kleenex, we reach for the things of man for answers.

When I get angry, do I cut off my nose to spite my face. I would hope not. But, many cut God off when they can not understand the things of God. They choose to be angry with God instead of looking to Him for answers

"Oh ye of little faith". Do we have as much faith in God as we have in our noses. Do we know that He will always be there? Or do we doubt because he is not as clear as the nose on our face. I suggest that we not only draw near to God but, that we draw God near to us. If we want to see God,we need to be near to God. Everyday,we should be seeing God in everything. After all, He is in everything. Talk to Him. Ask Him to show you Himself. Pull Him closer.

My first response, to the things and attacks of this world, should be, to call upon my God. The God of truth. To believe, that he is faithful to walk out His purpose. And to understand, deep within me, that without my nose (God) I am not complete. I am missing an important part of me. Without God, I am not whole. Without, my faith that He makes me whole, I am not functioning to my full potential and am not going to be able to complete my role on this earth.