Friday, January 25, 2008

Five Fold Ministry

Last night my home turned into the following verses.

I Corinthians 12:7-11

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines.

Ephesians 4:11

It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers,

We had our community group last night. It was awesome. We were studying how to love flawed people. God told me to share my struggle with pride. My pride is a strange struggle. I have seen, through a vision, my future and what God showed me was big. At least big for little ol me. My pride struggle is that, I don't step out to share with anyone this vision because it feels prideful. Kind of a catch twenty two. I don't want to be prideful, so I neglect some of the things I should be doing so I don't look prideful.

So, others began to share their flaws. Some were very moved by their own confession. But, one in particular moved us to amazing prayer and compassion.

She has, in the past, struggled with agoraphobia. A fear of going out into public. She has overcome this phobia and has for several years been doing excellent. She confessed last night, that she was forced to come to the meeting by her husband and a friend. That she had begun to isolate again. Going out in public had, again, become a great fear.

Compassion filled the room. So, I asked her to come to the center of the room for prayer. That's when I saw what the Lord had gathered together in my house. A five fold ministry that flowed in all the gifts of God.

There was a prophet in the room who spoke over her words of edification. Words of wisdom and knowledge were flowing like honey. Discerning of spirits came from the hearts of the pastors. Healing, with the laying on of hands was evoked. The miraculous power of the Spirit of God, moved His love through one woman, with such overwhelming strength, that she could only hold her like a mother would a wounded child. The tongue of the Spirit flowed through the room opening up doorways to the supernatural. Love for the flawed shown in the work of Jesus.

I feel that my job, in all this, is to lead and then to stand back. Only to intervene if God calls me to. I prayed over her when God called me to, but stood back to watch Him moving on her and to watch God's people loving on this woman. It was awesome to see His compassion and love flowing out of His people.

This woman, I speak of, is a hard nut to crack. She thinks in black and white. Her resolve, right now, is that this is the way it will be. She believes that she is back into the grasp of Agoraphobia. Her self esteem is such that she does not see that God loves her enough to stop this attack. But, the words of knowledge that were said over her last night and the love that poured out on her moved her to tears and hope. God showed her that His people care.


Enemy of the Republic said...

My sister in law suffers from this and I have a tendency toward it myself-- generally when I am really sad and overwhelmed;in my case it is a reaction to post traumatic stress; in hers I think it is a combination of factors, but she is a very fearful person. Lately, she has been getting out and I am happy about that.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Rereading your post makes me think of my church. Despite some problems, I stay there because we all confess to each other our failings. There are some people I don't open up to as I can be pretty private, but my pastors know what's going on with me. I think this is important in the body of Christ as we are all struggling in our walk--for some it is pride, for some it is oversensitivity, for some it is substance abuse---no one is where they should be, and everyone is better off when we all recognize it and go from there. As always, I am happy to visit here. You are a necessary tonic in this poor girl's spiritual path.

Given55 said...

Enemy of the Republic,

You mentioned your pastor. I am glad that your pastor understands you. It is so important to be comfortable and free with our pastors. That support and encouragement helps us to grow. Also, your are so right. Being vulnerable among each other creates a strong bond of friendship. This is what our Christian walk, with our brothers and sisters should be.

Thank you for your comments

Anita said...

I have fought with this for years... it's one reason I feared becoming a SAHM... If I don't HAVE to get out, I don't...
Studying how to love flawed people... Aren't we all flawed people?

Given55 said...


Yep, we are all flawed. The study is more on how to love those who are different from the main stream. i told them all the study hard, so they could love me.
Hope you are well. God bless.