Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Word

When I was young in Christ, I was invited to a prophetic conference. Now, I was so new to Christianity that I did not truly understand the prophetic. It was a three day conference at the church that I now attend.

I had thought that I would play on a worship team somewhere because I had been trained classically on the piano for 13 years. I had performed in concert with worldly bands and thought that this would be God's plan for me.

So, when this prophetic team asked for people who had a gift of music to come forward and be prophesied over, I was more than willing to go. There were quit a few people up front waiting patiently.

I stood there is prayer and could hear the team praying for people around me. I could hear what they were saying and began to get quit excited about my first experience with the prophetic.

After about 10 minutes of me standing there, I began to get uncomfortable. I looked around and there were only a few of us left standing. The team had ministered to everyone around me, but left me standing there. I could see to my left that most of the team had sat down, but a couple of them were still ministering off to my right. So, I again waited.

Now, I am beginning to get embarrassed. I looked back at the friends that I had come with and they looked very concerned. I was standing alone and no one was there to minister to me. I returned to my seat confused. Those with me expressed a bit of anger towards the team, but, I was just embarrassed.

For years I was not prophesied over. Once, a team was forced to prophesy over me and the results were these very vague words that could have been spoken over anyone.

The dangerous part of the first situation that I have described is that, I could have, turned from God. Believing that Christians were not what they claim to be. Leaving an individual to stand along, wanting prayer, is certainly less that Godly. But, it happened and my resolve was strong enough that I did not turn from God.

Later,I met a woman, who would become a very close friend of mine. She walks in the office of a Prophet. I told her this story and that I never get prophesied over. Her response was that she didn't either. That those who hear from God do not need to be prophesied over. I already heard from Him, I did not need anyone else to tell me what He was saying.

This eased my unsettled spirit about this one. But, I found it interesting that the team had just ignored me. I believe that it should have been handled differently. If you do not have a word for someone, pray over them anyway. It is a matter of kindness.

I finally was prophesied over in a real way. It, again, was forced on me. I was graduating from a class. But, the team prophesying over me, were just like me and it was a revelation that I was not alone in my gifting.

I tell you this because God revealed to me today, that someone would read this who has had a similar experience and wonder at what is happening. You are not alone. God wants you to learn how to experience Him in a way that He has created just for you. He wants you to hunt Him down and ask for revelation. He will answer. He is waiting for you. Calling for you, longing for you.

Don't give up. The things and ways of man will continue to try to get in the way of God's purpose for you, but to not grow weary. Find your strength and endurance in God. Your healer, redeemer and counselor.


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