Friday, January 18, 2008


Job 4:15
A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end.

I really like that verse. Maybe because I've been there. But, I think it is so perfect a description of a humans dealing with the unknown.

The way that God has gifted me to see, has brought many an experience that should have made the hair on my body stand on end. And it has happened. But,we are not to be afraid, so comes the difficulty of seeing into the spirit realm.

Last night, someone in my community group said, that God does not give you more than you can handle. I had to laugh because it sure felt like I was not going to be able to take my giftings when God first began to accelerate them.

"Be not afraid", is mentioned in the Bible multiple times, in multiple situations.
Fear can drive us to God or drive us away from God. Fear can stop us from going forward or make us run away. Fear can be the driving force behind our goals or can be the reason we stagnate. Fear can make us wise or can make us stupid.

So, when it comes to the spirit realm why do we react like Job? Why does the unknown make us afraid? I believe it is a lack of understanding. It is not as unknown as you might think. We all have a link to the spirit realm. A link from God. You are spirit, you are eternal, you do have a piece of God within you that understands the spirit realm.

I really believe it is the uniqueness of what one sees that brings fear to the person.
The event is not common place, so my assumed thought of non-understanding creates fear. We need to develop an understanding of the spirit realm. We need to accept that the spirit realm is real and understand that it is a part of our everyday, ordinary life.

I have been startled by demons. A sudden event, has taken me off guard. But, I do not stay in fear. It is, to me, a dangerous place to be. Fear gives access to Satan's lies. I do believe, that if you stay in fear,while seeing into the spirit realm, Satan will take that fear and play with it. To increase your fear and make you useless in the power of God.

Getting your mind and spirit into one accord, should be a priority to us all. Walking in the knowledge of the spirit realm and the truth of your own authority will squelch fear. Remember, this place, the natural realm, is only temporary. The spirit realm is eternal. It is to our advantage, to learn how to deal with the spirit realm, to walk into it and to use your authority over it.

So many, believe in God, but lack understanding about the realm in which He lives. God calls us to be intimate with Him. To know Him. To love Him. To be intimate with someone, I need to know everything I can about that person. Including their environment. To have the intimacy with God that He has called us to, should pull us to understanding His environment. But, fear often stops us from going there. "Be not afraid." I want to know everything about God. His environment is important to me, after all one day I will live there as well. I do not want to let fear interfere with the glorious relationship that God offers me.

The spirit realm is not to be feared. There is a time for caution, but, if you are walking with the Lord, then of course "Be not afraid."


Enemy of the Republic said...

There is a really good book called Running Scared: Fear and Rest in the Lord by Edward Welch. I went to a conference led by him on this topic. Check it out on Amazon or their website Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF). You may like it. The book is published by New Growth.

Given55 said...

Enemy of the Republic,

Thanks, I'll give it a read.

adamjohn said...

Thanks to this article and to those who commented in this.
This helps one to overcome their fear that is created by them.
Since bible says "Be not afraid" we should not feel afraid as there is god to help us.
One should be able to have spirit of affording the punishment that is related to the mischief which arose fear.

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