Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dual Membership

Darkness...what does it mean?

Not long ago, I was asked by a mother to pray over her daughter, who had a severe headache at the time. The daughter sat down in from of me with a contorted face full of tears. My heart went out to her, but, I felt something was not going to go the way her mother had planned.

When I touched her head, I felt a little like a Vulcan from Star Trek. I could see darkness. Extreme darkness. I said, "There is more than a headache here." I could here another Christian sensitive, in the room agreeing.

Her mind was so confused and so very, very dark. Just a teenager, I wondered at the complexity of what was going on in her mind. The darkness was everywhere, clouding out the God given spirit that so hungered to explode inside of her.

So, what is darkness. Satan? The flesh? The world? What has taken a hold of this child?

While I held this young women, I realized the darkness was the sum of the whole. The totality of this realm that we exist in. That she was so bombarded by the impurities of this earth that light could only fight to get inside of her. Her spirit is in a fight for its very existence. Fighting to overcome.

She is a child that knows who God is,but does not know what God is to her. She has not yet found, the answer to the darkness. She does not even realize that she is in need of freedom. She lives in the dark not recognizing that there is a different way to exist. Blinded by the dark to the things of God.

The horrible lesson, for me, in all this, was that most of the world walk this way. That many of my fellow, brothers and sisters in Christ, walk this way. Without God's revelation, they will continue to walk this way. Caught up in the things of this world, missing the mark. Skimming the surface of a Godly relationship not really wanting the true things of God.

I, of course, am among those who reside with one foot in and one foot out of the things of God. Flirting with darkness in many ways. My God has brought this instance, with this girl, to my remembrance not only for you, dear reader, but, for myself as well. There is no room within us for the light of God and the schemes of the enemy. Purity of heart is what God is looking for. Not dual membership into the spirit realm.