Thursday, January 3, 2008

Healing of the Non-believer

It has been said, in Christian circles, that a non-believer can not be healed. I find this very disturbing and limiting of our God. Plus, I have seen non-believers healed.

I was at a graduation ceremony for a class at my church years ago. A man came to see his son graduate. This man was an atheist and was deaf. He had been deaf since birth. Several of the women, that were there, asked this man if they could pray healing over him. Now, I'm not sure why this man said "yes", but he did. They began to pray and soon I heard a lot of celebration going on. This man received his hearing and instantly became of believer.

Randy Clark, an incredible man of God, takes groups of trained Christians to Muslim countries and prays healing over people in the name of Jesus Christ. He tells, the non-believer, that they will be healed by the name of Jesus Christ. When they are healed, he reinforces, that the healing comes from Christ and they are saved by the same name.

There is never a reason to limit our God. He can and will do anything. Do we, as Christians, believe that God's grace and mercy is just for us, the believer. Aren't we all, believer and non-believer, children of the Most High. Again, this thinking isolates Christianity to the few.

I met a woman who stands outside of pharmacies and asks everyone who comes out if she can pray for their ailment. She does not ask first, "are you a Christian."? She doesn't ask this and then pass over those who may say "No. I am a pagan." She prays for all who want to receive.

To choose who you pray for and who you don't based on your decisions, is basing God's will on yours. We need to be listening too and obeying the call of God. Of course, if He says not to pray, we don't. But, most of the time, God is waiting for someone to pray.

There is no better witness to the glory of God than a miracle. The non-believer who is healed, by the name of Jesus is a walking miracle. This walking miracle is a testimony to the healing power, glory and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ. This walking miracle will bring others to believe in the power of God. There is no better a witness.

This all takes us back to the exclusiveness of Christianity. Again, we find ourselves excluding people. This exclusion hurts and isolates us from the people who need God the most. Our idea that a non-believer does not deserve or will not receive healing sets us apart as more important to God and more deserving. I suggest that this is judgement and a sin.

Christ is for all and we should stop our limiting His love by our own judgments. Instead, we should be giving Jesus to everyone. Offering up, to all, the healing, love, power and salvation of the true and living God.