Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have prayed for you before, on this very spot. For a while, we thought that, that prayer had been answered. But, we forgot, "you can't always get what you want".
Now, I pray again. This time with a heavier heart and with more urgency.

When I woke this morning, you were the first thing put on my mind and I prayed. My prayer seemed short and simply knowing the issue at hand. So, I prayed again and realized that even if it seemed short and simply it was heard and that my prayers, all day, would be focused on you.

When I sat down to post today, you, of course, where on my mind and again in my prayer. I sit here and wonder at the lesson to be learned in all of this, because there is always a lesson. I wonder at why, you my friend, have been put so heavily on my heart. A man I have not met and know so little about. paying I think of all the people that will, today, stop in their busy day and pray for you and I am brought, to a place, where I am forced to look into the face of the Master and see the love of God.

His love for you, my friend, is indescribable. It has brought His children, in many places, to their knees today. I felt, that love, yesterday as I drove to a meeting. God brought you to my mind and He showed me His love for you and I wept as I drove overwhelmed by the power. One of my favorite verses came to my mind, "Jesus wept".wept

His love flows through us, here in this place and we, your friends, weep for your healing. We travail and command the universe to come into order and heal you, a child of the Living God. His love for you moves us to seek the supernatural and to expect the healing power, of the God, whom loves without measure, to reach you.
We are His children. A mighty army. A peculiar people with our faces set like flint. Who know and seek the promises of the Lord. We are a tribe that, today, lift you my friend, up to the arms of God.


Marlo B. said...

Thanks for coming on by to see my at Joyful Christian Wife :) Hey, at least crocheting is creative! ((hugs)) Marlo

Anonymous said...

If God's Creation helps us see what wonders he can do,Then we can trust His promises, for they are always true. "The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree...They shall still bear fruit in old age. Psalm 92:12-14

dadcat said...

I am overwhelmed by the love and presence of The Lord through all of your prayers.
My sincere thanks to all of you reading this who have been praying for my healing.
I have confidence that The Lord hears our prayers and will answer, and I will have many more years to serve Him before He returns.
The Oncologist's office called yeaterday to inform me that my blood tested normal so I don't need another transfusion right now.
The Lord may be already working His miracle.

Given55 said...

Praise be to The Living God.

My heart jumps with joy at your test results. We continue to pray the healing of the Almighty.

I, too, had good news today from the Doctor. No Lupus. I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. It is causing all the symptoms that mimic Lupus.

God's healing power,How Great!!!

dadcat said...

You need to get out of your dark computer room and into the vitamin D rich sunshine. Blogging can be bad for your health. ;)

Given55 said...


Who knew???

TĂȘnis e Sapato said...
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