Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update on Today's Earlier Post

My trip to the doctor was, well Weird!!! The decision on new medications was put off. They took six vials of blood to see where I am at, because I have seen some improvement over the last week and the reason is soooo weird.

Apple cider vinegar. YEP!!! That is what I said. Apple cider vinegar.

My husband has serious sinus problems and I read where apple cider vinegar would help. So, I started him on a drink made up of the vinegar, honey and Stevia. He hated the taste so bad, that I drank it with him. You know, like showing your children that the medicine is not so bad. ch Well, I found that the swelling in my mouth went down to nearly nothing, my reaction to chemicals stopped and I had more energy. Is that weird.

Well, I am grateful. I still do not know what the blood nor urine will show, but the doctor said that Vinegar is an anti-inflammatory as well as the Noni that I have been taking and to keep it up. We will see about the blood test.

I thank God for His hand on nature. I use to not think much about holistic medicine. But, I have certainly changed my mind. I will be looking at more natural remedies now. Everything we need has been put into place by God and I just need to look for it. Thank you, God.u14127399

So many have been praying for me and for that I am so grateful. God plots out our every step and I find comfort there. Where He leads, I will follow. Whatever comes next, I will find God in it and rely on Him for my strength.


Aisha said...

Wow! That is awesome except for the taste huh? I like apple cider vinegar, my friends said it can help reduce weight but I'm not sure how true that is :D.

Given55 said...

I'm not minding the taste to much. My husband, however, has a lot of trouble with it.

I'd heard it helps weight loss too. Waiting for that one.