Friday, April 4, 2008

The Grip of Death

Anyone who reads my blog regularly, will not find this post the least bit weird. But, I am telling you, that I find what I am abut to write a bit weird.

Last night my community group met at my home. We always start out with worship then watch a video, have discussion and prayer. Last night the Spirit of God urged me to keep worshiping. God's Spirit was very strong in the room and I knew He was talking to people. So after a few songs, I would stop and ask if anyone was hearing from God.

One member was getting a lot of words on healing. She prayed, many times, over folks in the room when they would verify that the were the ones that God was showing her. We would worship and stop, worship and stop. It was awesome.
While worshiping, at one point, God reminded me of a dream that I had that morning. This dream, which is very short, kept repeating it self all night. The dream goes like this. I am in a dark room. I can not see anything. There is, however, a door. I can not make out the door, but can see light from the next room coming in from under the door. While looking at the light, I see the shadow of feet pass by. Then I would wake up.

I knew this dream was from God and usually I have no problem interpreting dreams. But, I knew that my interpretation was wrong from the start. So, as we worshiped last night, God reminded me of this dream and told me that one of the men in the group would know what it meant.

So, I spoke out the dream. God, however, closed the ears of this man. He thought for a good hour that the dream was about him. Everyone else in the room understood it was about me. This was done, by God, so that I would receive another interpretation first. It came from a Christian sensitive. She had great difficulty telling me what she received from God. All she could say was, "Don't open the door of death". Neither, of us could speak for a moment. I, usually, interpret for her, but this time she spoke right out.

I accepted her interpretation and the group decided to pray for me. The amount of love in the room was awesome. Most had their hands on me and one held my feet. I could feel intense pressure in my head. I have never felt anything like it. It felt like a vise, but the vise had very small ends attached to my temples. This vise kept getting tighter and tighter. It was not painful, but the pressure was incredible. As if my head was going to explode.

I, usually, keep my eyes open during prayer. A person does not want to miss what God is doing and you do not want to get hit by someone manifesting demons. I was opening and closing my eyes this time. My eyes where shut, when everyone in the room heard my front door open and shut with a bang.
I opened my eyes and my husband was staring at me. We gave each other our knowing look. And we both started counting people. No one had left and no one had come in. We both knew, a demon had left the house. Why did it use the door? So, that we would know, from God, what had happened. An assignment of death, had been broken off of me.

Now, these wonderful people, where not praying that assignments would be broken nor trying to deliver me from demons. But, they were praying the Word of God over me and most important, they had love. The love was overbearing for the assigned demon and love broke its hold.

Then the Holy Spirit got a hold on me and I became drunk in the Spirit. I laughed till I hurt. Others where being prayed for and I was disruptive with my laughter. I would have to try and stifled my silly noise, but it was difficult. I was so full of joy and felt such release that I was a bit out of control. Praise you God.

But, it does not stop there. The man, whom God originally said would have the interpretation, he now had a word for me.

His word? "You are in the dark about some knowledge that you are seeking. God is keeping you there on purpose. Jesus is on the other side of the door, interceding for you." WOW.

How, do these two interpretations fit together. Well, remember I mentioned above that I usually interpret for my Christian sensitive friend. Well, here it goes. She had most of it right but, I am already in the room of death. I have accepted the Lupus as death. But, Jesus is on the other side of the door, in the light, interceding for me, because it is not my time.

God once showed me that there is a door in our minds, that opens up to Him. That we do not, as Christians, use this part of our brain. But, that all we had to do was to open the door and come in. I need to open the door. Move into the light of His glory and find what else He has for me. This is the knowledge that keeps me in the dark. I can not receive this knowledge, until I decide to walk through that door.

I have known about this door for quit a while but, have fought God on going through. It felt uncomfortable and I felt like I had enough supernatural events. It is time. But how to open the door is the next question. God is good. He will open the door and I will follow.

Death's grip was broken last night and I am grateful. Praise be to the Lord Almighty.God


Billy Nelson said...

What an awesome God we serve. When the saints of God get together in unity and praise Him. I love reading about the supernatural experiences you encounter. I'm glad that death was broken from you and that you shall live until you're satisfied! AMEN!

Given55 said...


Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad you understand my post and see the truth in how God moves.

I thank God for you whenever I think of you.