Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Farm

The first time I heard the audible voice of God I hear, "No predator will cross your land." I had been working in the psych department of a local hospital, at the time, and thought I needed to go to lock up because I was now hearing voices.

Within moments, I realized I was hearing God's voice. So, I then got excited. What could this mean, was my next thought. We were, at the time, living on our 120 acre farm. I was only about a mile from the farm when I heard this message. So, I immediately believed that God meant my farm. But, when I shared this word with a friend she said, "isn't it frustrating that God always speaks in parables." I was a new Christian, so I believed that what she was saying was the absolute truth and decided that what God truly meant was that He would not let people cross me or destroy me.
Now, as I think back on that, I realize that God has not once talk to me in parables. He has always spoke to me without mystery. It has always been straight talk with no hidden meaning. So, I ask myself, why would He have talk to me in a parable this one and only time.

So, I have reevaluated this Word and gone back to what my sense of its meaning was in the beginning.

We still own the farm. We had to move into town because of the Lupus that, at that time, was ravaging my body. The doctors said I needed to be close to a hospital. Since my healing, we have not thought of moving back. But, we did not feel the need to sell it either. The land is leased out and that makes the payments for us. But, now, we have an intense sense that we need to get back to the farm.
Both my husband and myself have been praying, intensely about this decision. Wanting only Gods will in this matter. Gas prices are a concern. My husband has to work and it is 60 miles aways from work. This is an isolated farm. Even the locals say our farm is in the boonies. It is far from civilization.

So, back to the word. My original thought was that God meant that my land was a safe place. A place that no predator (man) would cross. That in the end times this was a sanctuary from the evil of the world.

Last night, God gave me a dream, where I was back on the farm. Last evening, my daughter, A Homesteading Neophyte, shows up and wants to talk about all of us moving to the farm and homesteading it. Her and her husband are concerned about a depression and the prophesies of the Bible. This morning, while I am praying about what to post, God tells me to turn on the T.V. and when I did, there was another report about food rationing in the United States and in the world. Am I seeing God's hand at work in my life, telling me to go back to the farm.

I am pragmatic in my thinking. I try to be practical and consider and weigh all options. Should I wait to make sure that this is what God is saying or should I just jump in and go for what I think that God is leading me toward?

Again I quote the Word:

Proverbs 22:3
A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

I want only to follow the leading of my God. So, we pray, we seek, we follow.


Desert Cat said...

You seem to be hearing the same message many have been hearing.

If what I am hearing is any indication, the time is extremely short. But then I still have much to do. It sounds like you have a place ready to go, save for provisioning, perhaps?

Even if you decide against making the permanent move yet, it would be prudent to lay in some deep stocks of staples and other necessities out there in advance.

Time, times and half a time. How much would it take?

Dadcat said...

Praise God that you are getting the message that The Lord is giving to his chosen ones!
MomCat and I have laid in enough grain, beans and other storage food for only part of the 3 1/2 year period, but God is blessing her gardening efforts and it looks like we will be able to almost live on the garden produce alone. We have a hand mill to make our own flour if the electric power goes out, and an electric one to use until then. So I think we are ready.

DadCat said...

If The Lord chooses not to heal me of Leukemia, MomCat will have enough from the stored food alone, and will have garden produce to share with others who did not get the message.

Anita said...

I have heard this message, too. Just in the last few weeks it has become so much more urgent!!
We have been working on storing food, growing our own, and making plans to add alternative energy sources to our home... We wanted a place in the country, but God has provided us with a well built house with a very large area for a garden in town. God can take care of us wherever we are as long as we are following Him.
I'm glad to connect with others also hearing this message!

Phelan said...

Mom, I tried calling this morning. I haven't heard from you. Hope things are ok. I will try to get up there this evening.

as for this post. If Dan and I are hearing it loud and clear, something must be happening. Dan and I and the boys can get the land ready for us all. And without touching what is leased out for now. As soon as things have settled down and we can all sit down and talk, Dan has some ideas, things worked out if you will.

Love you