Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warnings from God's Prophets

For the next five days, including the weekend, I am going to post prophetic end time words that I have found about the end of days. These words are very strong and I am hoping that you, my dear reader, take heed to them.

The first one got my attention because part of it has similar words that the Lord gave me. I have wrote them before, but will repeat them here.

I was sitting in a room with several prophets. There was a lot of chatter going on. I heard one woman say, "Well you know, what Satan meant for harm, God will turn to good." I suddenly heard God say, "Stop saying that. You have turned My words into a cliche. In your finite minds you look at something and see ugly and then define it as evil. How dare you. How do you know that what you define as ugly or evil is not My hand at work." This taught me to reassess everything I see and hear. Now, if I see something that I may define as ugly or evil I ask God,"What are you doing here?"

So, with that in mind, here is the prophetic word for today. This word has been condensed.

ask God 2

First Prophecy, February 1, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me little one and write as I say that all may be the wiser! Rise up and hear what I say! Open your eyes to see! Burst open your ears to hear! For do you not see that the whole world now stands on a precipe, that the whole world now overlooks a great abyss! Who can stay My hand of judgement? Who can turn back My hand of timing? Who can know what I will do, or when I will do a thing? None I say! None can stay My Hand, and None can know My ways!

For surely many say, that is not of the Lord! He did not do such a horrible thing to His people! He has not brought such judgement! But I tell you now, that these speak in ignorance ! They speak foolishness! They speak the desires of their own heart! For I create, and I destroy! For I am both a God of Great love, and an all consuming fire!

Oh yes, I am an all consuming fire! And this part most wish to leave out ! They want to believe that I am love, but My love burns hot! My love cannot look upon evil and be pleased with it! Oh yes, I strive with the sinners! I have striven with you all since the beginning! And all of you, sinners! For I am full of love, mercy and grace, toward all! But even so, I am also an all consuming fire! And when I warn, and warn, and warn, through the mouths of My prophets, and you despise My warnings, mock My prophets, and even throw them out of your midst; oh then, after so much of this, I will turn against the mockers, I will turn against the scorners, and I will set My eye toward you for total destruction! I will utterly destroy the wicked! I will destroy the mockers! I will destroy the rebellious, and My word is replete with such instances of My judgement! But, I do not destroy without warning! And oh how I have warned you, you My people, all over the world! Oh yes, I have warned you! But few, and I mean few, have listened!

In that I delay a little longer the Coming of My Son, I do so to allow you to prepare for the harsh times, which are ahead! To all who are able to do so, get out of the cities! Get survival oriented! Consider the times of massive starvation, massive power failures and wars! Put away food for three and one half years! Put away seeds so that you can garden! Put away supplies, for you will find that the store shelves quickly empty out when this devastation hits! I tell you now, massive devastation! Prepare for hard times!

Linda Newkirk


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Given55, I haven't read your post yet (odd, huh? commenting before reading!)....On my way to church last evening I passed a lady driving the other direction and she looked like you...of course, I've never met you in person so I don't know how I knew she looked like you, but I guess it was from pictures you have posted. Anyway, I felt you were in need of prayer, so I prayed. Hope everything is okay at your house.

I'll read your post later, right now Its time for me to get ready to take my mother-in-law for her radiation treatment.

Aunt D.

Given55 said...

Aunt D,

Good morning!
Thank you for your prayers. Being in the position I am in, Prophetic tam, community group, leadership, there is always something that I need prayer about.

Right now, I may have to confront someone on certain behaviors. So, I'm praying for wisdom. Yes, I do need prayer and I am so glad you listen to the calling of the Holy Spirit.

Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I will be praying for her as well.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad,is my husband and I have felt the need to prepare for a couple of years now. But, when I tell my Assembly of Good sisters they look at me like I'm crazy...God will take care of us... we don't need to anything and on top of that it is not being preached from the pulpit.
So many will be unprepared.....
Also, please pray for me. I am Dadcat's daughter-in-law. I will be donating blood tomorrow at 9:00am Pray I don't pass out and can go through with it.
Thank you so much!

American Genius said...

I agree.
Please pray for me too.
Thank you.

Given55 said...


I soo appreciate folks that give blood. I can't because of a blood disorder and have had to have transfusions. God bless you. I have lifted you on high.

American Genius,

I prayed for you this morning. And you will continue in my prayers through out the day. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! All went well. It took 7 min to donate the blood.
Now we wait to see if it will cross match with Dad's

Given55 said...


Awesome. I pray for your dad, evey time I think of him.

God bless.